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10 Fashion Tips for Performing Female Musicians – What to Wear on Stage

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One thing that all successful Female Musicians have in common is a great eye for fashion. They make their mark by either being super fashionable or very down-to-earth basic. The following 10 tips will help you develop your own vogueness as well as zero in on some of the “faux pas” to avoid.

Do you have the “Star Factor”? Most celebrities hire consultants to help them create their unique image, but chances are you don’t have the same budget they do. That doesn’t mean you can’t create your own “je ne sais quoi”. Study some of your favorite artists and figure out what makes them stand out from the crowd. The goal is not to copy someone else but collect ideas you can later on stage to radiate your own style.

Right Clothes, Wrong Gig. Wearing jeans in a bar is one thing, but wearing them in an upscale venue is usually not appropriate. If you’re not sure what kind of clothes you should be wearing for a gig, call the venue beforehand and inquire about the dress code. Smart casual (no jeans but somewhat stylish) is common at most trendy locations. Avoid clothing made from cotton which wrinkles easily and looks too commonplace. Stick to polyester or blends that look stylish and wear well. For fine dining try a nice dress or dressy pants and a classy blouse.

Have a nice trip…see you next fall. Watch out for potentially dangerous clothing such as hanging tassels from skirts or pants. Not only can this type of clothing cause you to trip while you are on stage, but can be very distracting if you play an instrument. Consider not wearing rings or bracelets if they interfere with your performance. Many musicians don’t wear watches because they tend to get in the way of performing. It is much better to focus and have a great gig than cause embarrassment by tripping over your stylish “bling”.

Shoes that kill. Remember those gorgeous stilettos that screamed your name from the store window? Then when you finally wore them you felt like you were going to die by the end of the night?

Performing with uncomfortable shoes makes for a very long and painful gig. It’s worth spending time hunting down comfortable footwear. If you can’t bear to see your feet without those killer shoes, wear something more comfy to the gig and change them right before you play. Bring another pair of shoes for your later sets. This will change up your arch, move the pressure somewhere else on your foot, and create less fatigue.

Out of style, out of mind. Keep up to date with fashion especially if you perform for a younger crowd. You don’t need to purchase new clothing every week, but you do need to stay somewhat current. For older crowds, purchase clothing that is more on the conservative side, but still trendy.

Get great hair – find your perfect haircut. No matter what your age is, having great hair is a must. Nothing looks worse than a female performer whose hair is outdated or has roots that desperately need touching up. It doesn’t matter how great your clothes are – having perfect dresses not only adds to your professionalism but makes you feel like a star.

Look fabulous with the right colors. Knowing which colors accentuate your hair and skin is a must. Certain colors can make you look tired or pasty, especially under stage lights. If you’ve never had your colors done, visit a professional color consultant. They will quickly assess what your best colors are and make suggestions o accentuate your features.

Is your clothing intimidating your audience? Female musicians are often under a microscope, particularly by their worst critics – other women. Depending on what type of venue you are at, be sure that your clothing is not threatening to your female audience members. Jealous women can make negative comments to venue owners which could cost you your gig.

Dress your age. Whether you are young or old, always dress appropriately for your age. If you are younger and performing to a more mature audience, the key is to dress more conservative. If you are a little older, you don’t want to dress like you are a teenager – unless you know that you can really pull it off.

Dress for your body type. It’s important to attract your audience by being fashionable, but be sure your clothes aren’t creating the wrong kind of attention. Aim for fashion that suits your body and watch out for clothing that is too small or large. For an objective point of view, request opinions from friends about your stage clothes. You can also take pictures of yourself to get a different perspective.

These 10 tips are not the be-all-and-end-all of fashion for female musicians, but they’re a great place to start. Being a fashionista can dramatically add to your stage pizzazz and give you that star quality that sets you above the rest!

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