June 6, 2023

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Colm O’Rourke: Everything rests on the fitness of Dublin’s big two

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The outcome of today’s All-Ireland semi-final may depend more on who doesn’t play as much as who does. Dublin may be short two of their greatest heroes in Con O’Callaghan and James McCarthy. If so, the balance tilts very much towards Kerry, who are the team under most pressure to deliver. The golden boys of minor have no senior medals. Patience is wearing thin in the Kingdom as the Dubs have had to take a section of Fort Knox to house their All-Ireland medals of the last decade.

’Callaghan brings the goal threat for Dublin. In the Leinster final they scored five, against Cork without Con they never looked like getting one. Maybe Dublin were playing it safe and knew they would beat Cork without McCarthy and O’Callaghan and they will be released battle-ready today. If so, then Kerry beware.