July 23, 2024

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Designer Sunglasses Vs Cheap Sunglasses

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It’s a debate which has surrounded the fashion and shopping industry, as to which sunglasses should we invest in. Is it worthwhile spending hundreds on one pair of sunglasses? Or should we opt for a cheaper alternative? Today within this article I’m going to hopefully settle the dust, giving the benefits of both and giving you the advice as to whether you should invest in designer sunglasses or cheap sunglasses.

The first thing I wanted to touch on was the benefit of sunglasses in general. Sunglasses serve the obvious function of protection from the sun, but they should also be used to enhance style. Like with any accessory, sunglasses can be used to add individual touches to a look. You want a decent pair of sunglasses with high UV protection, but you also want a pair that look good. Focus on your face shape and find what style of sunglasses suit you. Go out with a family friend and try some pairs on, get their honest opinion and ask the retail assistants also. It’s all about finding a style your comfortable for, then shop around for the perfect pair. For example I used to wear wayfarers A LOT, too much in fact. I personally wasn’t getting the compliments I wanted so opted for a different style. I invested in some clubmasters and the compliments flew in, I loved the way I felt in them and knew this style of sunglasses was for me. Find your style and shop around…

So what are the benefits of cheap sunglasses?

  1. You can mix and match styles. The cheaper alternative means you can have a few pairs. Mixing what you style of sunglasses you wear with what look you’re wearing is a great style tip. If you owned a pair of wayfarers, clubmasters and aviators you can decide what style best suits your outfit. If you invested in a few pairs at designer level, you’ll be poor! Cheaper alternatives give you this freedom.
  2. Affordable – Of course cheap alternatives aren’t going to break the bank balance.
  3. Extensive range – There’s a lot available. Wherever you go you can buy cheap sunglasses, high street, market, online.

How about designer sunglasses?

  1. Quality – The quality of designer sunglasses is of course better. If you’re going for cheap sunglasses focusing on quality is key. There’s no point buying a few cheap alternatives and them breaking every week. Designers invest in good quality sunglasses, which can be used for a good amount of time.
  2. Brand Story – People like to invest in tradition and the history behind a brand or designer. The history of Ray Ban is great, I love the message they send out and I love their products. Therefore I own a pair of Ray Bans.

Comparing the two, it really does depend on your budget and what you want to gain from sunglasses. I personally prefer cheap sunglasses because it means I can vary the pair I wear. This adds originality and uniqueness as my friends don’t see me always wearing the same pair of sunglasses every day!

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