July 15, 2024

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Hand Painted Silk Scarves and Shawls – The Artists’ Creations

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Walk into any department or accessory store and, in most cases, what you will be faced with are endless racks and shelves of identical, mass-produced items. For all the work that the designers of these goods have put into trying to create something original and inspiring, their efforts simply result in tens or hundreds of thousands of copies which are churned out in factories and used by numerous women around the country and around the world. Even the designers of the expensive brand-named accessories suffer the same fate as women everywhere catch on to the latest trend and rush out to buy the new Burberry or Chanel. Yes, mass production undoubtedly lines the pockets of these designers, but just how satisfying is their work? More importantly though, just how satisfying is it for the consumer to know that the accessory for which she has paid top dollar is just one of many and has been produced without loving care and attention to detail?

Women’s silk scarves and shawls are just some of the accessories which vary in terms of the production process. In most cases, designs are replicated and simply printed on to the fabric using a process which is quick and cost-effective for the manufacturer. Unfortunately, however, this method of production typically affects the feel of the fabric, giving it a slightly rough texture. In addition, the stiffness of the fabric paint impacts on the way that the silk drapes and moves, and the colors of the designs tend to lose much of their vibrancy.

Hand painted silk scarves and shawls, on the other hand, use an entirely different method of creation, which starts by an artist developing a totally unique design. Never will the wearer of one of these handmade accessories spot an identical item elsewhere. From there on in, every aspect of the production of hand painted silk scarves and shawls is carried out by hand, using the skill of talented artists who dedicate their creativity to their craft.

Having stretched the silk fabric over a wooden frame and secured it so that it remains taut, the artist then creates the many borders of the design using cold wax or a similar product which is designed to act as a barrier for the dye which will later be introduced into the material. Each color is then individually hand painted on to the silk to build up the finished design, a task which can take many hours to complete. Once the colors have been allowed to dry, the item is then subjected to a steaming process which removes the wax outlines and sets the dyes. Finally, the finished silk scarf or shawl is washed to remove any excess dye, with the remaining color being fast and vibrant.

The result, for the creators of these stunning accessories, is a finished work that they can take ultimate pride in, and for those who buy these wonderful creations, it is an exclusive, wearable piece of artwork. Now, doesn’t that beat a silk scarf or shawl produced in a factory?

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