April 23, 2024

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Is Plus Size Fanny Pack Worthy for Women with Extender?

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What do you need to know about plus size fanny packs?

The recent increase in the number of fashion brands promoting body positivity has led to their products being more inclusive of body types often ignored by the fashion industry, such as people with plus-sized bodies. Moreover, their inclusive products are not limited to conventional, everyday garments such as tops, dresses, and accessories like fanny packs. Unfortunately, several untrustworthy companies have taken advantage of the fanny pack trend to scam their customers. To avoid scams, you should look up fashion retailers’ reviews on an online reviewing platform. For example, you could look up the double f reviews to ensure their legitimacy. Fanny packs for plus-size women often come with additional extender straps to increase their waist size, but is it worth it? A plus size fanny pack extender has its advantages and disadvantages and alternatives – let’s take a look.

The Advantages of a Fanny Pack With an Extender

Fanny packs with extender straps increase the length of the fanny pack so it can comfortably fit around your waist. These extenders thus make fanny packs an accessory that includes multiple body types and allows the wearer to wear it cross-body. Extenders can vary from a few inches to more than a foot of additional length. One end of the extender clips onto the original strap, while the other clips onto the fanny pack. Furthermore, most extenders are adjustable, meaning you can make your fanny pack fit precisely around your waistline, and you can share your fanny pack with people who have different body types. A comfortably fitting fanny pack benefits you and your body, reducing strain on your back, neck, and shoulders, especially if you carry many items.

The Disadvantages of a Fanny Pack With an Extender

Unfortunately, there are a few disadvantages of fanny pack extenders, primarily from the fashion industry. A running theme with plus-sized fashion is that it does not look good – plus-sized fashion is often obnoxious and loud instead of timeless and elegant. Therefore, many fanny packs for plus-sized customers are overly flashy and stand out like a sore thumb. In other words, a plus-sized fanny pack sold with an extender could contrast or clash with your existing outfit. Furthermore, if you already have a fanny pack that does not fit and want to buy an extender, it may be challenging to find one that matches your existing fanny pack. This is because many companies who sell plus-sized fanny packs with extenders do not sell extenders on their own – they expect you to buy the whole product, not just a part of it.

Alternatives to Fanny Packs With Extenders

If you do not want to buy a fanny pack with an extender, you can opt for an elastic fanny pack. These will stretch to fit your waistline and securely hold your fanny pack to your body. However, these elastic fanny packs are more prone to wearing than regular fanny packs, as elastic frays the more it s used. A fanny pack with an extender is a better option that is easier to find.

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