July 23, 2024

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Smart Ways to Get Jeweled Up

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Fashion jewelry is one of the most welcome contributions to the fashion industry as far as women are concerned. Not only do these items make their wearers radiate with beauty. They also allow significant cost savings for those who just can’t resist the gleam and shimmer of precious metals and stones – this time, with a sense of practicality, especially when they are sourced from fashion jewelry wholesalers. These wholesalers sell their products in bulk for resale, but individual buyers may also find it an interesting idea to have a whole instant collection with just one shipment.

However, buying jewelry is one thing and wearing it is another. If you think you’ve found something that looks good on your computer monitor, that’s not a guarantee it will look good on you. There are things you need to consider such as the size, length or, sometimes, the material itself that the pieces are made of.

Choosing Individual Pieces

A classic unwritten rule says long earrings add length to your face which means these earrings are good if you have a round or oval facial structure but not if you have a long chin. Even your hairstyle will have something to do with the earring styles you can wear. If you have long tresses that hang freely down your shoulders, it’s good to have earrings with more of the bling factor to make them stand out. If you have short hair, you may want to wear something more subdued.

Making Combinations

Another basic rule for wearing jewelry deals not necessarily with the individual choices of jewelry you can make but rather on what goes with what. In other words, combinations of your earrings, bracelets and rings can also change your entire look. Again, a standard rule is to have less of one and more of the other. If you have elaborately designed earrings, play down your necklace or the other way around. If you have earrings, make them go with only a necklace or a bracelet. Three or more pieces of jewelry worn at the same time is considered plenty. Jewelry you combine also need not be exact matches. There simply has to be a common thread among them so they would look good when worn together.


If you’re going to the office, you are supposed to maintain a business look and anything too fancy may not be good for your professional image. Save those big red round earrings for your girl’s night out and wear something more subdued to that meeting such as sterling silver studs. If you’re watching a summer baseball game for a first date, wear something sweet such as tiny jades or maybe a simple chain with your medium-sized birthstone as a pendant. And remember, if your pendant catches attention, have a simple pair of earrings stay in the background.

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