Francis Lola reveals how she creates content for her fashion blog

Growing up, Francis Lola’s family members and friends would always ask her where she bought her clothes.

When she started her blog in February 2014, her intention was to just post outfit breakdowns and stories about her life as a merchandising student. Instead, it turned into a career.

Now, Lola’s Instagram account boasts more than 348,000 followers, and her accompanying YouTube channel has more than 18,000 subscribers. She considers herself a style blogger and a content creator.

“Becoming an influencer kind of happened by accident,” Lola told In The Know. “It just kind of fell into my lap, but it’s really fun.”

The behind-the-scenes work to make constant content for her different platforms is nonstop. Lola said she meets with her photographer for photoshoots around twice a week.

“I’ll pack my car with five, six outfits and then we’ll just run around and find some cool spots to shoot

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