The NBA Is Back and Tunnel Style Is Now Bubble Style

The NBA season resumed Thursday in Orlando, where 22 teams are competing in seeding games and play-in games to qualify for the 16-team NBA Playoffs that will begin on Aug. 17 and the eventual NBA Finals scheduled for Sept. 30.

The return of the league also means the return of NBA style — with some adjustments.

For years NBA players have treated the tunnel like their personal fashion runway, giving Thom Browne, John Elliott, Virgil Abloh and other men’s wear designers massive media exposure, inspiring fashion brands to activate during the 2020 NBA All-Star Weekend in Chicago and making moments like the Dior and Jordan tie-up and Louis Vuitton trophy case the new norm.

But what are players, brands, stylists and fashion followers to do now?

Enter bubble style.

Despite the country’s dark mood, and the limitations of quarantine in Orlando, where games are being played at the ESPN Wide

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Decoding the Chinese Tai-tai Style

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LONDON — Tai-tai is a colloquial term used to describe wealthy housewives in China and in Chinese-speaking regions such as Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore. Kevin Kwan’s “Crazy Rich Asians” trilogy has lengthy and hilarious descriptions of these consumers’ spending habits and fashion styles.

Most of the time, Chinese netizens are obsessed with teen idols and what they are wearing and show little interest in women beyond a certain age. But recently, because of the reality show “Sisters Who Make Waves,” where 30 female celebrities over 30 years old fight to get into a five-member girl group, and the hit TV drama series “Nothing but Thirty,” Chinese Tai-tai style has been in the spotlight.

Several celebrities in “Sisters Who Make Waves” married into immense wealth. As the crew films their family life, the public gets to witness the kind of luxurious lifestyles many

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Nigeria’s Yoruba women announce their arrival in style

Three models pose in A Ti De
Three models pose in A Ti De

Nigerian photographer Oye Diran reimagines the fashion of the Yoruba people in a stunning series of images.

Short presentational grey line
Short presentational grey line

When an aunt sent Oye Diran an old family photo, he was mesmerised by the high sense of fashion and style exhibited by the Yoruba women of West Africa in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s.

The photo was of his mother and her sister adorned in iro and buba, the colourful two-piece outfit of wrapped skirt and top popular with Yoruba women in Nigeria.

Diran, a Yoruba himself and Nigerian photographer based in New York, noticed how the style of the iro and buba had evolved over time, but that the outfit still maintained its elegance.

Inspired, he ploughed through the internet looking for more vintage images of the outfit but was disappointed with what he saw.

“What I found were updated

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Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande Tease Their New Song in Sci-Fi Style

Lady Gaga’s upcoming album, Chromatica, is dropping on May 29 and her Little Monsters are buzzing with excitement. She’s been teasing fans for months by dropping tidbits from the album—including the first single “Stupid Love” and the official album cover and track list. And today she announced that her new song with Ariana Grande, titled “Rain on Me,” is releasing early on Friday.

The two stars teased the single on their social media pages with a brand new image—and while the new music is something to be excited for, it’s the fashion team-up that has us even more hyped. In the new photo, both Grande and Gaga channel a Max Max-inspired aesthetic, which Gaga has rocked on the album cover and in her “Stupid Love” music video. (The mood is part pop star, part machine.)

Gaga and Grande’s ensembles are freaky in the best way: Gaga wears

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