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Yoga Workouts at Home, Yoga Workout For Flexibility

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/ By Sandy
A Guide for Buying Home-Gym Worthy Gears!

Workout gears that can be placed in the corner of a bedroom or under the coffee table can go a long way to delivering the desired burn without having to pay a monthly fee to workout. The home-gym thing has become more popular than ever since the pandemic forced us to stay at home routine life. Even after returning to everyday life, we all have realised that working out within our walls has big advantages attached to it. There are no monthly fees, no commuting charges, and no sharing gears and space with strangers. There must be many of us that have started exercising far more since dropping the gym membership.

But we all don’t have a proper dedicated gym space at home. Similar to our “home offices” at the study table or dining table, many of us had to make do with cramming stuff in the garage or bedroom corner. Well, fortunately, with the availability of tons of home equipment, you can customize your living space to function as well. The key here is to get the gym gear depending on your space, budget and commitment level.

There’s a big difference between building a home gym and a commercial fitness centre. Here you don’t have to clutter your home with tons of huge equipment. A few little gears can be the star of your workout space. It can be a yoga mat, a resistance band or most overlooked workout yoga clothes that can get you a gym-quality workout without stepping foot in a gym.

We have narrowed down the best gym home equipment for your exercise style and space. From yoga related stuff to anchor your meditation to portable accessories that pack a punch, take a look through the options; all worth your investment.

A solid interior door or a sturdy tree branch can do the trick. With a suspension training kit, you can execute tons of different exercises tailored to suit your abilities. These straps offer a total body workout for any level of strength and mobility. You can modify any type of exercise with these straps. They allow you to use your own body weight to stretch your muscles more than you can on the floor alone. From cardio to plyometrics, with suspension training equipment, you can focus on a variety of workouts.

Trying out an easier workout or a harder one, these resistance loop bands let you test yourself as little or as much as you want. These bands might look like simple pieces of workout equipment but are perfect home-gym worthy gear. Lightweight and thin but still delivers the kind of performance we look for. Besides that, if you sit at a desk all day, then these resistance bands can be great for targeting underdeveloped muscles of the glutes and hips. Also, they are portable and compact enough to throw into any space for easy storage.

If you fall out of pose every so often, then a yoga mat would be a great help. Making at-home workouts much better and easier, yoga mats are an absolute must-have. You can execute hundreds of exercises comfortably and safely, taking in planks, lunges, crunches, yoga poses and whatnot. Moreover, what else makes these mats worth investing in is that not only do they add to their comfort but they are also a great choice for those with joint pains. In addition to elevating your comfort and style, you can slip into yoga clothes for an excellent start to your workout sessions!

Nothing could compare to the peace of mind that comes with doing yoga. If you’ve ever been to a yoga studio, you’re probably familiar with yoga props, and the yoga wheel is definitely one of them. It’s a newcomer in the world of yoga but packs a punch. Incorporating a yoga wheel into your practices enhances flexibility as well as provides support for difficult poses. But make sure you start with the poses that keep you grounded while testing the limits of your yoga practices. So, just visit the market and grab yoga wheels and for extra addition, why not buy some yoga clothes?

With no questions about their versatility, a kettlebell is one of the most loved pieces of equipment when it comes to workouts. It’s also a smart way to save and reap more versatility at the same time. Not only they can be used as free weights but they can easily be swung or handled during jumping and explosive exercises. If you do a lot of movements, then these bells work well for a variety of lifts, including shoulder presses, pushups, lunges, squats and lunges. But there’s one thing you need to consider, your floors. These kettlebells can cause damage to your floor if handled roughly, so be careful while using them.

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