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You’ve Probably Never Heard Of These Ridiculously Useful Things & They’re SO Cheap

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Contrary to popular belief, there have been countless times in which my life would have been made significantly easier with the help of a triple taco stand. Welcome to the one where we talk about incredibly useful items that shockingly exist — and more importantly, could make a major difference in your daily routine because of their bona fide practicality. The one-stop-shop to browse these spectacular finds? I’ll give you a hint: They have Prime shipping.

Amazon is home to a seemingly infinite amount of everyday essentials (and more) like workout clothes and coffee cups to hair tools and skincare — but these don’t even begin to scratch the surface. For finds that earn an A-plus in usefulness and are easy on the wallet, look no further than the gold standard of online marketplaces.

For my avocado toast enthusiasts, there’s a *chef’s kiss* three-in-one tool that splits, pits, and slices up your snack. If you’re on the hunt for a hair-drying towel that’s gentle on your locks, legend has it the microfiber wrap is one of the best in the beauty biz’. Then of course, there are the morning hacks like a coffee mug warmer that maintains your java’s cozy temperature and an ice roller that works to soothe your complexion in the AM. Gorgeous inventions, all of them.

To put it simply: Keep reading. You’ll want in on these 45 add-to-cart items that prove you don’t need to fork over your entire paycheck to find products that pack a sizable punch into the convenience of your daily routines. Your scrolling session awaits you.

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These Reusable Mesh Bags Specially Designed To Store Fresh Produce

Reduce plastic bag use by a ton with these washable mesh produce bags that keep everything from oranges to cherry tomatoes (and beyond) fully covered. Designed with zero-BPA mesh and made to be ultra-light, these are more than ideal for protecting your produce and carrying them from the veggie section to the cashier. Whether it’s at the store or beyond, this set of 15 different-sized bags is a virtually effortless way to be more eco-friendly.


A One-Step Finishing Stick To Help Tame Unwanted Hair Frizzies

If you have unwanted frizz on the regular, fear no more because this finishing stick is about to blow your mind and slick up your hair to salon-quality. Especially for those of the sleek bun camp, this moisturizing gel-cream stick works like a clear mascara for your hair with its sturdy wand and portable tube. Just brush onto your flyaways until you’re happy with the look and you’re on your way to better hair days.


This Ridiculously Cute Velvet Travel Box For Storing The Jewels

Traveling with jewelry is a journey, no pun intended. You can always opt to throw your necklaces and earrings into a cloth drawstring bag, but that comes with the risk of scratches and tangles. To make things easier on everyone (especially the jewels), this velvet jewelry organizer is a five-star way to store your accessories on the go. With durable compartments for rings, studs, and more, this compact case will make packing and selecting your ear candy for the day a smooth, knot-free experience. Plus, they come in some seriously gorgeous colors.


A Silicone Mat Pouch For Ultimate Hot Tool Protection

From hair straighteners to curling irons, it can be almost second nature to place your tool of choice on granite without really giving it a thought. However, protecting your countertops doesn’t have to interfere with your routine — especially when it’s as easy as placing this heat-resistant silicone mat onto your counter or vanity as a base for your hot tools. If you’re on the go and need to take your styling tool with you, just open up the mat and it’ll become a slim pouch that’s perfect for storage and potential burn prevention.


This Soft-Grip Detangling Brush That’s Perfect For Every Hair Type

Besides just looking really freaking pretty, this soft-grip brush by Crave Naturals is the detangler of the future. It’s designed with premium, sturdy bristles that are tender on the head and work well on both wet and dry locks. Known for its smooth glide, this brush also comes in five glorious pastels so even hair maintenance is a sight to see. But really, what better way to get knot-free, shiny hair with one product and one product alone?


This One & Done Kitchen Tool That Can Measure Multiple Amounts

As so many people know, measuring spoons are notorious for getting lost in drawers around the world. Luckily, the lengthy process has been streamlined with this adjustable measuring spoon that can measure from a half-teaspoon to a full tablespoon. Similar to magic, this kitchen tool is a must for avid bakers and helps to declutter your cabinetry while also making your food prep experience as therapeutic and stress-free as possible. I’m just mesmerized.


A Handy 3-In-1 Tool For Smoothly Slicing Your Avocado

The dream avocado tool is real and here it is. Say hello to the Good Grips’ all-in-one gadget that smoothly pits, slices, and cuts your avocados in half so prepping your morn
ing toast is a breeze. With a function that removes the pit with a simple twist and a slicer that splits your avocado into seven slim sections, this dishwasher-friendly find is a 10. PSA: You may find yourself making guac more often than usual.


This Refreshing Ice Roller That Soothes & Cools Your Face

If you wake up with tired eyes, this facial ice roller is about to change your life because it’ll help soothe and refresh your skin each morning. Just store the roller in the freezer and massage your face in the mornings for a cool feeling that goes a really long way. Pro tip: Whip out this tool and use while waiting for your morning coffee to brew.


The Stackable Colanders For Effortless Pasta Straining

There are colanders, and then there are super cute, easy-to-pour colanders like these from Joseph Joseph. Packaged in a set of two, these colanders are stackable to help maximize storage space and designed with curved corners for effortless transfer from strainer to plate. They also come in gray and bright green so you can stick to neutrals or switch things up for a pop of color. P.S. the ergonomic handle is a fan-favorite feature.


An Acrylic Lipgloss Holder For Easy Access To Your Most-Worn Shades

My heart is happy just looking at this acrylic lipgloss holder. To display your glosses and balms without forgetting which colors you own, this clear organizer is the foolproof storage solution. Designed with 27 slots and shatter-resistant acrylic, this case will simplify your makeup routine and amp up the look of your vanity in no time. BTW, you can wash this holder as often as you fancy.


This Mini LED Ring Light For Brighter Zoom Calls

Take your Zoom calls to the next level with this selfie ring light that clips onto your computer for extra-clear video meetings and photo sessions. This LED wireless light is fully rechargeable, can function for up to two hours at a time, and features three lighting modes that can also be dimmed or brightened. You can even clip this tool onto tablets and phones if that’s your thing.


A Microfiber Hair Drying Wrap That’s Extra-Gentle On Your Locks

If you’re in the market for a hair-drying solution, this microfiber wrap is a super plush, ultra-absorbent option that holds your hair together while drying. Not only does this gem dry your hair quicker than the average bath towel, but there’s also a button and loop that can simply be latched together to keep your wrap in place. There’s even an array of color options ranging from pink and purple to gray and white, depending on your personal preference.


These Eco-Friendly Silicone Drinking Straws That Make Hydrating Fun

Make drinking water an eco-friendly effort with these reusable silicone straws that are BPA-free and dishwasher-safe. Available in sets of 10, these curved straws are designed to fit larger tumblers (20 to 30-ounces) and come with a handy brush cleaner to maintain the quality of your cool new straws. Plus, each set contains an array of colors ranging from pastel pink to navy blue. I need them, like, now.


A Multipurpose Silicone Spatula With An Angled Head For Spot-On Scraping

Whether you’re scraping gooey peanut butter from the jar or scooping out cake batter into the pan, a durable spatula is an absolute must. This angled silicone spatula is both firm and curved for effective use, and it even has a slim design so that it fits into the most narrow of jars. Plus, this one by Tovolo is BPA-free and gentle on cookware so you’re covered on all fronts. Oh, and it’s heat-resistant. Kind of sensational, yes?


This Clip-On Booklight With An Amber Glow For Nighttime Reading

Peruse your novel into the latest of nights with this clip-on book light that is ideal for strain-free reading (and anyone wanting a warm-colored lamp to accompany their book sesh). The amber glow is designed to help keep your circadian rhythm in check with its soft shine, and the gadget as a whole has the world’s most convenient rechargeable battery already installed.


A Makeup Eraser Balm Stick That’s Super Travel-Friendly

This Neutrogena melting balm makeup eraser stick is an on-the-go way to remove your makeup with 10/10 precision and finesse. Once you sp
ot your mascara stain, simply swipe this pen on top and use it to touch up any areas that need maintenance. The best part? It won’t mess with the rest of your makeup. Obsessed already.


This Multi-Functional Charging Station That Adheres To The Wall

For superior storage and ventilated phone charging, this wall-mounted organizer never ceases to amaze. Highly rated and earning a spot on the Amazon’s Choice list, this holder adheres effortlessly to the wall and comes in gray and white. It’s also compatible with virtually any device or remote, so just store as you see fit and keep all your gadgets in one place. I’ll hold for applause.


A Clever Sink Mat That Catches Splashes From Dishwashing

If you’ve ever washed a dish, you’re probably privy to the never-ending stream of water splashing onto the sink counter. It’s inevitable, yes — but this absorbent sink mat is here to change things up and help ensure always-dry counters. Available in kitchen-appropriate neutrals like gray and black, this mesh mat fits securely around the base of your faucet and snaps in place once adjusted. It’s also washer-friendly, so cheers to that.


These Durable Door Hooks That Fit Over Most Cabinets

In my opinion, cabinet hooks are a household essential — especially when you have damp towels in dire need of a home (and no extra drying space). These stainless steel hooks are incredibly simple to install, being that they just need to be adjusted on top of your cabinet door to work their magic. They also fit on the majority of standard, 3/4-inch cabinets and have a nonslip design so your hanging items stay perfectly put. Plus, you’re more likely to never misplace your hand towels again.


A Cold Brew Maker For Caffeinating At Home

Because in what world would a java enthusiast not want to test out a homemade cold brew? To save a few bucks on frequent coffee shop runs and get your caffeine fix, this cold brew maker is the internet’s favorite find. This pitcher can brew up to four cups of joe at a time and even has an airtight seal to lock in all the freshness. Just prep your espresso before bed, pop your Bean Envy in the fridge, and it will be ready for drinking in the morning. Amazon can take my money now, thanks.


This Super Fancy Toothbrush Holder That Will Glow Up Your Bathroom

As detailed as this find is, it can make quite the difference in the look and feel of your bathroom. Available in an array of brass and bronze color combinations, this toothbrush-and-toothpaste holder is a compact way to organize your oral care while still adding a sense of style to your countertops. This set also comes with a cover cup for rinsing mouthwash and protecting your toothbrushes.


The Fast-Acting Patches That Help Alleviates Unwanted Acne Over Night

In full transparency, words can hardly express how revolutionary this hydrocolloid Mighty Patch set is. After cleansing, place one of the patches over an unwanted blemish and sit back as it absorbs the impurities practically overnight. These patches are also fairly translucent, so they’ll look subtle on the skin while working hard. Plus, the hydrocolloid works actively to reduce irritation.


These Facial Cotton Rounds That Are Surprisingly Reusable

Cotton rounds are a vital part of skincare routines everywhere, but reusable cotton rounds? Yes, they’re a thing now. Made of bamboo and cotton, these rounds pair well with liquid makeup remover, cleansing balms, and toners. Plus, each set comes with 14 reusable pads and a mesh laundry bag so you can remove your makeup while being environmentally conscious. Washing tip: Throw your used rounds in the mini laundry bag and wash on a gentle cycle to keep them looking as good as new.


A Compact Ice Cream Container That’s Made For Packed Freezers

For saving up on freezer space and reducing the amount of cardboard ice cream tubs you have on hand, this slim-fit ice cream container is perfect for holding one and a half quarts of the good stuff. You can even select from a pretty wide array of bold colors and then begin the transfer from store-bought gallon to SUMO container. This tub is also dishwasher-friendly and helps keeps your dessert as fresh as ever.


This Can Insulator Sleeve That Keeps Drinks Ice Cold

You can keep your seltzers cold with this insulated can holder by BrüMate. Available in a plethora of colors, designs, and sheens ranging from glittery aqua to rainbow titanium, the Hopsulator is the go-to for making sure your 12-ounce cans stay refreshing — even on the hottest days. Just pop your can into the sleeve for a zero-condensation drinking experience.


A Chef-Level Tofu Press With A Built-In Drainer

This tofu press is a godsend for anyone who wants to make their own tofu at home. Designed with a built-in drainer, this unit has two pressure levels for either firm tofu or silken tofu. For cleaning, all you have to do is pull out the removable drain compartment and toss it in the wash for some polishing up. Plus, this presser is so powerful that it can drain your tofu in just 15 minutes total. Is anyone else hungry now?


This 5-Star Rolling Pin With Adjustable Thickness Rings For Different Pastries

I’ve never come across a more versatile rolling pin, and this one is seriously worth it. Designed with four thickness rings for baking anything from pizza dough to cinnamon rolls, this hardwood pin is fully adjustable depending on the desired thickness of your dough. Just be sure it’s hand-washed to keep this kitchen essential working at its absolute best. There are even etched-in measurements for reference, which I’m taking as a major win.


A Single Mug Warmer To Maintain Your Drink’s Cozy Temperature

This single mug warmer is here to ensure the heat within your coffee or tea stays totally intact. Just plug in the ceramic warmer and turn it on before you place your mug on top, and your espresso is good to go. You can even use this as a candle warmer if going flameless is more your style. You’re welcome and happy tea time.


This 3-Piece Korean Skincare Set For A Glowy Complexion

Korean skincare is known to be top-tier, and this three-piece-set is no exception. For skin-soothing self-care, this set comes with a clarifying cannabis cleanser, purifying serum, and balancing heartleaf clay mask that all work together to give your face a greens-powered boost. The packaging is also ridiculously cute with its watermelon colors, and many customers raved about how soft their skin felt afterwards.


These Mini Rubber Cable Clips That Keep Your Cords Put

You can maintain a tidy desk with these rubber cable clips that adhere to any surface while gripping cords so tangled wires are a dim memory. With countless five-star ratings in practicality, these holders are ready to go with adhesive backings that stick securely wherever you want them to go. Once you’ve got that down, simply slide your wires through for a mess-free charging setup. Five for me, please.


A Self-Cleaning Pet Hair Brush To Spruce Up Their Coat

This highly rated self-cleaning slicker brush sets the standard: Aside from removing excess fur, this brush also works to give your pet a shiny, smooth coat in just minutes. Oh, and with regular use, this find will help to eliminate fur shedding from your furniture and home. The more you comb, the better the results — and the happier your pet will be. Did I mention it self-cleans with retractable bristles?


These At-Home Polishing Cloths For Sparkling Jewelry 24/7

Cleaning your jewelry on a regular basis doesn’t have to be time-consuming or costly anymore with the help of these at-home polishing cloths. As Amazon’s Choice items, these solution-treated cloths work gently to remove debris and film from your accessories so you have shiny pieces at all times. Plus, they’re easy to take on the go — so you can have one on hand wherever you travel (just in case your rings are looking a little tarnished). Exceptional.


A Pull-Out Spice Rack For A Mini Cabinet Upgrade

This pull-out spice rack will make you feel like you just stepped foot into a gourmet kitchen and I’m not even exaggerating here. Made to glide smoothly and hold a good amount of spices, this double-tier rack stays tucked in the cabinet and can be pulled out easily whenever you need the paprika. Not only will you be saving tons of space and decluttering, but you’ll also have a one-stop hub for your most-used seasonings. A work of art, perhaps?


These Digital Meat Thermometers To Make Reading The Temp A Breeze

Make accidentally undercooked meat a thing of the past with this meat thermometer that’s both waterproof and super easy to read. In just seconds, the thermometer will help you determine if the steak is good to go or if it needs a little more time on the grill. Plus, you can also use it to detect the temperatures of other foods and liquids. The five-star ratings say it all.


A Convenient Eyeliner Stamp That Gives You An Instant Wing

The Flick Stick is different from the average liner in that it’s a pre-shaped wing stamp that simply needs to be pressed onto the eyelid to work its magic. This set comes with two sticks in midnight black, and it looks gorgeous for smokey eye looks (or even everyday wear if that’s your vibe). Plus, it’s a smudge-free, waterproof formula. Need.


This Plush Wrap Headband For The Ultimate Facial Canvas

For weekly facials or nightly cleaning, this plush face headband is the beauty guru-approved way to keep your hair gently pulled back so you have a clear canvas to work with. Available in one size that’s meant to fit all, this wrap also comes in eight stunning designs and is soft enough to keep on for the entirety of your self-care routine. Yes, they really went and did that.


A Mesh Dish That Airs Out Your Soap For A Longer-Lasting Bar

Extend your bar soap’s shelf life with this mesh dish soap saver that holds and drains the water out of your bar. Available in a wide selection of neutral shades, this dish is designed to serve as an eco-friendly soap base and simultaneously protect your shower from being directly coated with suds. With all-around even drying, this is definitely one for the books. Added to cart.


This Marshmallow Whip Gadget That Magically Turns Your Skincare To Foam

If you like your cleansers to feel like literal whipped cream, this product is about to change the whole game. This Korean skincare-inspired tool is called a marshmallow whip maker, which aligns perfectly with its function of turning regular cleansers into rich, foamy masterpieces. Simply mix your wash and some water into the canister, then pump to get the foam going for a fluffier cleanse. They had me at marshmallow.


An Under-Cabinet Lighting Strip That Illuminates Your Countertops

Make your counters pop with these under-cabinet lighting strips that are incredibly functional yet so aesthetically pleasing. Battery-operated and wireless, these LED lights adhere to surfaces with ease and can be controlled by a single power button. Plus, they extend up to 3 feet so more area is illuminated with just one strip. It’s also worth mentioning that the light is super warm, so you won’t get that fluorescent look here.


A Car Phone Mount With Impressive Magnetic Powers

Navigate with ease with the help of this magnetic car phone mount that’s compatible with pretty much any smartphone. Designed with a powerful suction cup to keep the base mounted to the dashboard, this gadget also features a magnetic surface to help keep your phone upright. Many reviewers loved it too, which speaks volumes IMO.


Reusable Silicone Baking Cups That Are The Color Of The Rainbow

Okay, but have you ever seen prettier baking cups? Aside from coming in every color you can imagine, these baking cups are made of reusable silicone — so no matter how many muffins and cupcakes you’re whipping up on the regular, you’ll always have heat-resistant cups on hand to keep your pans clean and your treats looking cute. Each pack also comes with 24 liners for the ultimate steal.


This Porcelain Mug With A Built-In Tea Infuser For Your Morning Chai

Add another winner to your mug collection with this 15-ounce porcelain mug that has a full-on tea infuser on the inside. Whether it’s green, chai, or lemon ginger, the ultra-concentrated infuser is made to brew tea to its full capacity and maintain comfort with an insulated handle. You can also choose from a selection of stunning shades ranging from mint green to dandelion yellow, which is always a bonus. BTW, it’s dishwasher-safe.


A Note Holder That Clips Onto Your Monitor For An Utterly Brilliant Work Space

Instead of having to crane your neck to look down at your notes and then up again to type on your laptop, add this document holder to your cart for a no-strain work session. This
holder clips onto your computer and paper for a comfy back-and-forth situation that shouldn’t affect your posture. Plus, you can fit up to four standard sheets of paper in at a time — so flipping through pages is as easy as ever.


This Triple Taco Tray To Hold Your Tortillas In Place

TBH, this is my favorite invention to date. This is a taco holder — and yes, you read that correctly. Built with stainless steel and made to hold up to three tacos total, this oven-friendly tray will not only keep your fillings in place but can also be used as shell molds if you’re making your own at home. They’re also dishwasher safe so that Taco Tuesday cleanup is always a piece of cake. Plus, they come in sets of two trays each for double the value.


A Genius Plug That Keeps Hair From Clogging The Drain

The TubShroom has over 70,000 five-star ratings, and there’s a good reason why: The shower plug helps prevent drain clogs while still letting water flow through. It’s designed to sit in your drain and catch hair as well as debris, and it’s seriously simple to clean: Just remove it and wash the it off. It’s also available in six colors.

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