June 18, 2024

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5 Harmless Addictions That You Can Indulge In

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There are zillions of addictions out there that you might be addicted to without even being aware of. How many times have you checked your email or phone in the last one hour? This could also be an addiction.

There are several different kinds of addictions out there such as making money, watching sports, your job, your hobby, or working out. When you compare these addictions to the more harmful ones such as drugs or alcohol they might seem like really sane ones.

Here is the list of the five harmless addictions, of course in moderation:

Collectibles and hobbies
When you indulge yourself in a hobby or in collectibles such as stamps, coins, it gives you immense pleasure and at the same time it is fabulously low on the addiction quotient. You will certainly look forward to this harmless addiction of yours but it is certainly not going to go ahead and drive you up the bend or ruin your family life. On the other hand it will give you immense pleasure in the most harmless of ways.

When you reward or indulge yourself in the best pair of shoes, you will generate the huge amounts of feel good hormones that will make you feel wonderful all the time. Many women have told about Christian Louboutin shoes and how they have made them feel utterly gorgeous. You could also indulge this extremely harmful addiction by buying yourself Christian Louboutin shoes on sale.

This is one addiction that will continue to give you immense pleasure without any kind of harm whatsoever. Music will be your instant high and without spending a dime on it and at anytime and anywhere phenomena you will be able to indulge in it. music can certainly go on to lift your spirits at any time of the day or night.

So what if you can’t afford all those expensive baubles. You certainly can’t run yourself into debt but then trinkets are just right for you as they will be able to give you immense amounts of pleasure and make the outfit look good too. Also, with trinkets around you certainly don’t need to worry about losing it and storing them with the greatest of care. You can be a wee bit careless with trinkets and not feel one bit guilty.

Window shopping
Can you point out any girl who does not like to go shopping? We all love to be shopping all the while however our bank balances might not allow them. But, with window shopping you will be able to get enough of an eye candy so that you will have enough fun with it and yet not have to worry about the expenditure.

Now, that you know of these harmless, absolutely harmless addictions you can go ahead and indulge yourself in them. With these around you will not have to be bored or get into dangerous addictions in order to keep boredom at bay.

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