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Delicious Ice Cream Places in Dubai

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Best Places to Get Ice Cream in Dubai | Visit Dubai

There are many amazing sweet and savory treats you can enjoy around the city of Dubai. Culinary skills are significant in this luxurious city, which means you’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to finding something to satisfy your cravings. Due to the year-round heat of Dubai, people often combine their food choice with the beneficial cooling powers of certain treats like the wonderfully delightful, humble ice cream. As you’d expect, there are lots of great ice cream places in Dubai, ranging in quality and level of luxury. To help you choose the best and most delicious ice creams on offer here, we’ve listed a few great locations to pick from.

Ice Cream Lab
Located in the Dubai Mall, Ice Cream Lab is a place that creates ice cream using a method involving liquid nitrogen. This super-cold liquid quickly freezes the cream and the other ingredients added to the ice cream to provide customers with their own unique creations. Afterward, you’ll also be able to choose which toppings you’ll want added to the ice cream to create a truly wonderful dessert to help you stave off the heat and tantalize your tastebuds.

Massimo’s Gelato
The traditional Italian ice cream, gelato, is one of the world’s favorite sweet treats, and for a good reason. You may be wondering what the difference is between gelato and ice cream, and it’s simply that gelato is predominantly made using milk which is churned slowly, whereas standard ice cream is made with thick cream. Massimo’s Gelato at the Nakheel Mall is definitely one of the best ice cream Places in Dubai and should be at the top of your list when searching for a great location to enjoy some sweet and delicious gelato.

Black Tap
For something a little different, we decided to include the wonderful Black Tap, which provides customers with ice cream shakes, called the Crazyshake rather than traditional ice cream in a cone or tub. You can enjoy many different flavors and combinations, from strawberry cheesecake to birthday cake and everything in between. The rim of the glasses they’re served in are also coated with frosting, making for a stunning and delectable treat. Just make sure you save enough room for some of their savory foods, too, as Black Tap offers amazing craft burgers, wings, and other mouth-watering options.51 Rainbow Ice Cream
For some really eye-catching icy desserts, you’ll want to check out 51 Rainbow Ice Cream, which offers over twenty different flavors as well as some fantastic toppings. These ice creams are presented using the brilliant roll method, in which the ice cream is spread out along the metal surface, which has been supercooled using liquid nitrogen. Toppings and other ingredients can then be mixed into the ice cream, gelato, or sorbet, and the dessert is then rolled into picturesque rolls. For some reason, these look far more appetizing than the traditional ice cream cone, especially once you drizzle chocolate or raspberry sauce all over.

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