June 29, 2022


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Does Shaving Cream Really Keep Mirrors Fog-Free?

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It’s no secret that the TikTok algorithm gets to know your pursuits pretty perfectly, and as an editor for BobVila.com that usually means my feed is filled with cleaning written content. #CleanTok, as the niche fascination is referred to as on TikTok, is teaming with individuals decanting materials in aesthetically pleasing storage, sharing critiques of the trendiest cleaners, and working with globs of merchandise to show off their preferred cleaning hacks.

Up till now I have only been an observer of these oddly gratifying movies. For me, when it comes to cleansing I’ve remained a loyalist to reliable manufacturers and traditional cleaners, like vinegar and baking soda. But soon after scrolling by means of promises of straightforward methods and unbelievable effects, I resolved it was time to set #CleanTok to the take a look at.

The Shaving Cream Mirror Trick

As a #CleanTok amateur, I was only all set to dip my toe into the entire world. I preferred to test a hack that had the standard aspects of the genre—unconventional, extreme, and a gratifying result—but one that wasn’t heading to make a greater mess for me if it turned into a catastrophe.

As I scrolled by way of movies of intensive deep cleansing and oddball strategies, I stopped on 1 showcasing “3 Residence Cleansing Hacks Utilizing Shaving Cream.” With an upbeat pop track actively playing in the background, I viewed as a woman’s hand buffed shaving product on to a mirror for a streak-no cost shine and to stop fogging, distribute it throughout an equipment to get rid of fingerprints, and polished a diamond ring with it. I never have stainless metal appliances nor jewelry that desired shining, but my lavatory mirror was contacting for a cleansing. I searched “shaving product cleansing hacks” to see if anybody else was making use of this toiletry on their mirrors and sure plenty of there were! I located my cleansing hack to take a look at.

Acquiring Down To It

In all the films I viewed, most applied traditional shaving product. I experienced shaving gel on hand, but acquired a can of frequent shaving cream for a reasonable experiment. I would use the gel on one half of the mirror and the cream on the other fifty percent. In some video clips folks used the shaving cream with a microfiber cloth and in other individuals persons smeared it with their hands once more, I would take a look at each approaches.

Photo: Katie Nolan

So lots of #CleanTok films demonstrate individuals using an too much amount of products. Even though I’m generally additional cautious, this appeared like an possibility to get a little crazy. I squirted about a golf-ball dimension of gel on to the cloth, which then grew bigger—it was way additional than I essential. While I knew it was too significantly, I went ahead and utilized it throughout the mirror. I still left about a third of the mirror untouched as a manage for the defogging part.

Then I switched to the standard shaving cream and disposed it right on to my hand. I attempted to master from my former mistake of applying too significantly with the gel, but I even now finished up with surplus. I went in advance and smeared it on to the mirror in a round movement.

With the mirror nearly covered in shaving product, I took a thoroughly clean microfiber cloth to wipe it all away. In the video clips it seemed like folks utilized the very same cloth that they made use of to utilize the shaving cream, but mine was way too messy. This took a handful of minutes for a longer period than the videos showed, but I attribute that to applying too a great deal product or service. The facet with the shaving gel left a hazy coating that needed more get the job done to buff absent, but it did inevitably crystal clear. Right before I created any judgements, I turned on the shower and permit the room fill with steam to see what would come about.

Did The Shaving Product Trick Get the job done?

So was I remaining with a shiny, fog-no cost mirror? Well, yes and no. My mirror certainly looked cleaner than when I commenced, but it did not appear better than the times I had cleaned it with Windex. Even so, the trick did avert the mirror from getting foggy. As the toilet filled with steam, the element without shaving cream quickly obtained cloudy while the other part remained mainly crystal clear.

As for which shaving cream labored superior? The vintage shaving product was the way to go. The side with it never ever necessary excess buffing, looked cleaner, and genuinely didn’t fog up at all.

Photograph: Katie Nolan

Ultimate Views

Whilst this TikTok hack wasn’t a total bust, I’m not prepared to insert it to my cleansing plan. Working with shaving cream was messier than a spray cleaner and it experienced less spectacular success. Whilst it did prevent fogging, that is not a problem of mine. It is an ok alternative if you’re in a pinch and don’t have your standard cleaner on hand. General, it was a fantastic foray into #CleanTok and it has motivated me to tackle some of the other cleansing trends on the application.

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