June 15, 2024

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Girls Outfits That Are Age Appropriate

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As a parent, you must juggle the tight rope between buying your daughter clothes they want, and buying them clothes that you would prefer them to wear. These days, there is some issue with many pre-teen girls wearing clothing that is not quite age appropriate and parents want to make sure their daughters are dressing the way they feel they should.

However, there are ways that you can buy girls outfits that are age appropriate, without getting into an argument with your daughter over what clothes to buy.

1. First, when you are shopping online for clothes, or in a retail setting, shop with your daughter. Have them look through the clothes and determine which they may be interested in, while also offering suggestions on clothes you think she may like. Always remember to get their opinion and make it a dual shopping experience. This will save you from having to send back clothes you buy that your daughter may not wear.

2. Your daughter may want low-rise jeans but if this is a problem for you, find jeans that do not sit too close to the hip bones and which are not going to be too tight for your daughter.

3. Do not buy your daughter any shirts that are too small, or which may have expressions that could be deemed offensive or perpetuating negative stereotypes. There are plenty of clothes that you can find online that look good and do not feel the need to delve into bad taste. If your daughter wants something funny on her shirt, you can easily find what you are looking for or have something made.

4. When looking for outfits online and in the retail world, choose shorts and skirts that can be paired up with tops. If your daughter is wearing jeans or long pants, then have her wear those with shirts that have spaghetti straps on them.

5. Most parents will have an issue with track pants or shorts that have something printed on the back. There should be no reason for your daughter to be advertising anything back there to get people to look, so just refrain from those.

You can find plenty of nice outfits on websites that offer classy, but good looking outfits that are not trying to seem edgy or ‘hip’. You do not have to sacrifice modesty for good clothes so don’t feel as though you do. Just explain to your daughter what you would prefer her to wear and why and you will be surprised by how they respond with agreement.

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