November 30, 2023

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How fashion retailers and the cosmetic industry are working hand in hand

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The fashion industry continues to remain one of the biggest industries. People do not only want to wear clothes, they want to look good and stylish too. Since fashion is an expression of our type of personality, everyone wants to build a personal fashion statement. Besides, as long as humans need clothes, the fashion industry will continue to exist. Asides the fashion industry, another industry that has grown exponentially is the beauty industry. Everyone wants to look good. This desire is on the high side when it comes to women especially. In light of this, it is only expected that the desire for fashion and beauty are major needs that every woman seeks to meet in their lives. Since both industries have recognized this truth, they have begun to work hand in hand to increase their revenue.

One major way they do this is through collaboration. Fashion brands and cosmetic brands come together to provide for their customers. While marketing and driving awareness to their brands, they remind their customers of the fact that, for instance, they can get a new shade of lipstick that matches one of their bestselling gowns. They can even go ahead to give discounts and promo prices on packages that contain both fashion and beauty items. For instance, a makeup kit can be paired with a ball gown at 20% off the original price. Some beauty brands may even decide to gift their customers some fashion items, courtesy of their collaboration. Such incentives encourage customers to buy both, which is a win-win for both brands.

Another way fashion retailers boost sales in the beauty industry and vice versa is through suggestions and consultations. Sometimes, fashion retailers suggest, directly or indirectly, to customers what shade of lipstick or what shade of mascara would go with a piece of clothing. Customers who want to make the most of their clothes will go ahead to buy such beauty products. During consultations, fashion retailers suggest what the customers choose based on their skin tone. Some even go ahead to educate customers on the different colours that suit different skin tone. Subtly, this may lead customers to buy beauty products that will enhance their skin tone to look lovely in a particular outfit. On the other hand, sellers of beauty products can also suggest what colour of gown best matches a shade of lipstick, etc. Some customers will go ahead to buy such clothes. Invariably, both industries are selling each other’s products to their customers, which in turn, boost more sales. In some cases, the fashion retailer also sells beauty products. In this type of case, they upsell their customers from one part of the business to another part of the business.

Since both industries have realized this strategy in marketing their products and promoting their brands, they have been able to increase their revenue. At a closer look, fashion or beauty can stand alone. A makeup kit will not cover for no clothes while stylish clothes won’t cover for a bad skin or rough facial appearance. Both works hand in hand. The sooner more industries realize this, the better for them. | Newsphere by AF themes.