September 30, 2022


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MaryHardingJewelry Bead Blog: After the Frost Before the Snow: Plants in Beautiful Decay

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I have been seeking to share these pictures in this article with you since I took them in late Oct.  They are all  pictures of flowers in partial decay just after a killing frost in October.   They are found in the King George Backyard at Fort Ticonderoga in upstate New York.  It was my initial check out there and it was the past day they had been open for the time.  What a treat to come about upon all this attractiveness.

I never know the names of any of these bouquets.  I was just so taken with the colors that had made considering the fact that the major frost.  Such magnificent shades of brown and eco-friendly, yellow and purple.  Coincidentally we have been recently given some bulbs to mature these flowers in the  picture previously mentioned.  I search ahead to viewing them up coming summer.

                       Such ideal daisy heads amid the subdued shades of their summer months colours.

                       These rosy tan leaves were on vegetation way in excess of 6 ft tall.

                     Love the purple orange flower amid these shades of tan and brown.

                                             Such a cascade of pink.

                                             And then the vivid crimson.

                             And a black eco-friendly silhouette.

    And a last dance just before winter season sets in.

I am just in time with this write-up as we are anticipating our very first snow of the year tonight.
What a sweet farewell to my favorite seasons.

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