September 26, 2023

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Metal Choices When Designing a Custom Military Ring

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For the purpose of this article we will use the metal types that are unique to our manufacturers. There are many different names and types of metals but we cannot possibly cover every one that is available, so we will stick to the types that we use in our production.

There are many different ways to design your custom military ring. Our purpose in this article is to educate you and to help you to make a good and practical choice when you design your own ring.

1. CELESTRIUM is the metal that most of our customers choose. It is probably the most practical choice for many reasons: First it is the least costly of the alloys available. Celestrium has the appearance of 14kt white gold. It is a jeweler’s alloy which is harder than gold and practical for everyday use. Many soldiers will wear the celestrium ring to work each day without worrying about the effects of daily wear and tear on the ring. The second reason that celestrum is the most popular choice of our customers is that it is very stylish. The fad in jewelry now is the look of sterling silver or white gold. This ring is an excellent alternative for many of our young people who may not be able to afford gold. The kicker is that this ring comes with a lifetime guarantee. One of my customers also informed me that it makes a good bottle opener.

2. GOLDTONE CELESTRIUM is a celestrium ring that has a 14kt yellow gold overlay. It cost just a wee bit more than the celestrium ring and has all of the qualities that I mentioned above. Those who choose this ring choose it because they want the traditional yellow gold look without having to pay the price. This ring also comes with a lifetime guarantee.

3. SILVER SELECT is a new ring composed of sterling silver with a platinum overlay. Many of our customers are strictly sterling silver wearers. The platinum overlay of this ring gives it an excellent luster. This ring is very similar to the celestrium in appearance with the exception that it has much more lustre.

4. 10kt WHITE OR YELLOW GOLD is a good choice for those who want a gold ring that can be worn often. Since 10kt gold has a little bit less gold content it is harder than 14kt gold and more durable. I recommend 10kt gold to those of you who plan on wearing your ring frequently. Since 10kt has less gold content it cost less than 14kt gold. Any dealer who sells 10kt gold should give you a lifetime guarantee with the ring, and any reputable dealer will.

5. 14kt WHITE OR YELLOW GOLD is the top of the line for ring wear. 18 or 24kt gold will be much too soft to be practical to wear as a ring. These may be excellent choices for charms or necklaces but since the fingers take so much abuse every day these softer rings will wear out very quickly. Many of you want to wear the top of the line only which is fine. This is why you have the choice of 14kt gold. These rings also come with a lifetime guarantee. Many of the customers who choose these metals use them as special occasion wear or heirlooms to pass down to future generations.

We have given you a little bit here, there are many, many more articles to come on the overall subject. We hope that this article has been a help to you and that it will be a start for you.

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