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Professional and Old-Fashioned Tests to Check Purity of Silver and Gold

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Gold collectors know that the precious metal and its distinguished properties to identify with careful examination. Identifying the gold and staying safe from being misled is best and now this is done through various practices.

Different tests

Skin Test
The discoloration of skin happens on wearing fake gold and this is not any myth. A simple test is to hold gold for a few minutes in your hand. There will be perspiration and the chemical reaction will give skin a green or black color, if it is not genuine gold. Genuine gold does not react. There are certified tests conducted to verify its purity and weight.

Karat marking

Genuine silver and gold jewelry has karat marking that will be stamped representing the purity. Just get familiarize with the US and European markings.

Acid test

Gold is a noble metal and it will not discolor or corrode with certain acids, but the base metals may. The kits of acid test are available online and they also come in kits with a vial and scale for density testing. Remember that acid test may mar a product if it is not pure 24 karat gold.

Float test
For a float test you just need a cup of water. Any genuine gold piece will sink immediately to the bottom, while the imitations float. Secondly, real gold does not rust when wet.

Sonogram or X-ray

These are not viable testing methods as they are expensive machines. This is also a method so it is included. Using the sonogram and X-ray technology the gold or silver can be checked. If there are other metals or air pockets, it gets spotted. In fact, large mints or banks confirm bullion bars purity in this method only.

Professionally assessed

The jewelry shops are ready to do these tests for free. You can get it done easily.

There are some simple and old-fashioned tests that tell you the purity guarantee with these methods.

· First consider running a magnet to see for base metals. Silver and gold are not magnetic and so in case the magnet pulls, check for problems. Of course this is not any foolproof method.

· Second, the sound test that can be known by tapping your finger on the silver or gold coin or tapping it with another coin. The pure silver and gold coins have high tone resonating for few moments, while plated or fake products sound is dull and becomes silent immediately.

· Finally, the bite test. Biting a gold leave physical impression of your bite as pure gold is soft. However avoid this test as there is the risk of hurting your teeth. Besides, in case it is a bar, your teeth may not reach owing to the base metal slug in the center.

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