July 23, 2024

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Skincare Routine for People With Allergies & Sensitive Skin

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Skin allergies can occur at any time and can be treated with hydrocortisone creams, cold compresses, and antihistamines. 41.4% of the population have skin allergies, according to a recent study.

Research has also found that people with allergies are twice as likely to have a skin reaction after applying a skincare product to their bodies. Looking after your skin is important for its health, so you don’t want to stop using skincare products altogether. Instead, you should adopt a skincare routine that’s allergen-friendly.

Less is more when removing makeup

86% of people who wear makeup use makeup wipes. These shouldn’t be used on allergy-prone skin as they often contain chemicals. Chemicals can cause irritation and allergies. An allergy-friendly option is to stick with water and reusable makeup remover pads made from microfibers. Combined with water, microfiber will clean away makeup and oils. It can even help to remove dirt that’s clogging up your pores.

Keep it clean

Putting beauty and skincare products onto your skin in a clean environment and using clean tools is a must when you have skin allergies. Makeup brushes, for example, should be cleaned every 7 to 10 days to get rid of bacteria. You’ll also remove dust and dust mites when you do this. Dust mites can cause a nasty red, itchy rash, so you need to stay on top of this. Make sure you keep your vanity table dust-free, too.

Otherwise, when you rest your arms on it to apply your mascara, dust and allergens could transfer to your skin and cause an allergic skin reaction. Damp microfiber cloths will pick up dust and allergens. Avoid using chemical-based cleaners and stick with natural ones instead as they’re less likely to cause a flare-up. You may also want to apply wax paper to your vanity table as it will trap allergens, making it easier for you to clean.

Choose natural products

Sadly, hypoallergenic skincare products aren’t always suitable for people with skin allergies. They contain fewer ingredients than other products, but they may still give you a reaction. The best types of products you can use on your skin are ones that are as natural as possible. It’s also wise to choose fragrance-free ones. Raw honey makes a good face wash. It will mildly exfoliate your skin and cleanse it. Honey also has antibacterial properties so will help to reduce inflammation caused by acne or if you’ve had an allergy flare-up.

Everyone knows the importance of moisturizing their skin daily. It can be difficult to find an effective one that’s allergen-free, though. One study reported that 68% of moisturizers contain fragrances known to trigger skin allergies. A safer way to moisturize your skin is to use a plant oil blend. These can be mixed with ingredients, such as vitamin E, to increase the antioxidant levels which help to protect and repair the skin.

You may feel wary about using skincare products when you have skin allergies. But these methods will help to look after your skin in a safe way.

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