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Snow White Fancy Dress Costumes – 5 Different Snow White Outfit Suggestions For Your Costume Party

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Snow White fancy dress costumes are a wonderful fairy-tale outfit that come in a number of different styles. The Snow White outfit is probably so popular due in part to our love of this exciting tale of jealousy, friendship and above all love, but also because the colours and styles that make up the Snow White fancy dress costumes are just so flattering to the women who wear them.

The classic story that we all know and love is another of the fairy tales that were collected by the Brothers Grimm. The fairy-tale was given a new lease of life in a 1912 Broadway play, but it was not until Disney’s 1937 film that the story became so well known and popular worldwide.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is arguably Disney’s finest hour and it is the Snow White outfit from that film that is instantly recognisable by us all and which forms the basis of most Snow White fancy dress costumes that you can buy today.

Of course, the title character is only one of many memorable characters from the story and below are five different outfit suggestions that you might want to consider wearing to the upcoming themed costume party.

The classic outfit

The classic outfit is nearly always based on the costume that the character wore in Disney’s 1937 animated film and they are usually quite a faithful representation of it, especially when those outfits are made by Walt Disney themselves.

The sexy outfit

By far the most popular version of the iconic yellow, blue, and red outfit is the sexy version of the costume. These are usually based around a short mini dress with a laced up bodice and are pretty guaranteed to attract the attention of any Prince Charming present at the party.

The Halloween outfits

You can also get a range of Halloween costumes and two types in particular are very popular. Firstly, there is the scary Snow Fright type of outfit, which is supposed to portray the total opposite character of Snow White herself. Secondly, there are novelty costumes, which are often an hilarious version of the outfit that are worn by men.

The Evil Queen outfits

Another popular Halloween costume from the fairy-tale is of course the Evil Queen fancy dress outfit. The Wicked Queen costumes are usually based on the outfit that the character wore in Walt Disney’s classic animated film, from 1937.

The Prince Charming outfits

The obvious choice for men who want to go to this type of themed party is of course a Prince Charming fancy dress costume. There are a number of different styles of Prince Charming costumes available from specialist online websites, all of which are excellent choices for your upcoming party.

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