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Specifications for the EVC 4G

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The EVC 4G has many functionality advantages that cement its prime position on the market. The network band has been sent at GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz and it works with the worldwide services. There is a SIM standby facility that can work simultaneously without disrupting the rest of the functionality. The dimensions on the gadget are fairly portable with an estimated size of 120 X 64 X 12 mm. The consumer has a colour choice in either white or black depending on their individual preferences.

High performance standards for the EVC 4G

The bar phone shape is very conducive for easy usage. The language capabilities have been significantly expanded. They include Spanish, English, French, Deutsch, Portuguese, Arabic, Italian and Vietnamese. This gives the EVC 4G an international flavour that greatly expands its market potential. The display unit for the gadget is the 4.0 inch screen with touch screen capability. A resolution of 320 X 480 pixels is ideal for taking pictures and storing them. In fact there are ways in which the gadget resembles a professional outfit.

The front camera has 0.3 megapixels to spare with a picture frame of 640 X 480 pixels. A cameral flashlight makes usage easier and facilitates the continuous shot element. A self timer ensures that the camera can be used in awkward positions depending on where control is vested. An entertainment suite includes an MP3 player, audio recording facilities and a loud speaker. An analogue TV tuner allows access to popular programs. There is also an FM record facility that can be connected to the loud speaker.

A game package is included in the standard provision. There is also a micro SD card for better functionality. The gadget supports USD disk functions as well as an 8GB memory card. The messaging system that is preferred is MMS or SMS. An inbuilt memory capacity of 23.9 MB is very convenient for heavy usage. The SMS record and MMS record stands at one hundred units. The phone book can carry up to 500 entries and there is connectivity for Bluetooth. The gadget has GPRS systems and Wi-Fi capability.

A hands-free conversation mode allows drivers to use this gadget. It also has support for JavaScript as well as a sliding unlock system. The customization suite includes bespoke Wall Paper and ringtones. Some add-on elements include a calculator, a calendar, a notepad and an e-Book facility. The battery capacity is 1500mAh and the bought package includes an earphone as well as a USB cable.

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