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The Meaning of Wearing Anklets

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Also known as ankle chain or ankle bracelet, the anklet is a piece of ornament jewelry around the ankle. Many people wonder that if there is any special meaning of wearing anklets. Today, let’s talk about this from both synchronic and diachronic view.

There is no doubt that the anklet was existed since in ancient times. They are most commonly worn by women in Egypt, India and Arab countries. They are mainly made of silver and gold in these countries and they have their own special meanings due to different traditions and beliefs.

In ancient Egypt, jewelry has been used for the symbol of social status and wealth. Bracelets and chains made of precious stones and metals belong to the rich. Poor people usually turn to ankle chains which can bring good luck and fortune in their opinions. In India, only unmarried girls or married women were allowed to wearing anklets. Widows were not permitted to do so. In the countryside, people often wore ankle bracelets with a pendant producing tinkling sound to ward off insects and small animals when working in the field. The ancient Sumerians, one of the oldest civilizations who adorned feet with bracelets, wore ankle chains as an indication for wealth of her husband. Western people caught the trend much later. Bracelets didn’t come to a fashion until the early 20th century in the western countries. Generally speaking, they don’t have special meaning.

In the modern times, there are not so many indications regarding to bracelets. They are treated as a piece of jewelry for people. However, they also imply beautiful and good associations. People hold that if the husband or the boy ties anklets to the girl’s ankle, they will meet and love each other in the other life. We can easily know that this is impossible and it just express people’s kind wish and deep love. Others also believe that wearing anklets can bring good luck. Wearing the ankle chains on left ankle can keep base persons away, while right ones can bring wealth. Anyway, anklets are believed to be object tie lovers in this life and other life.

Many people also want to know whether the anklets should be worn on right ankle or left ankle. As a matter of fact, there are no stated regulations. It all depends on your favor. If you want to stand out your beautiful right ankle, you can wear the anklets on it. Anyway, you can wear them as long as you like.

Anklets today play the role of necessary accessories for people. Anklets come in a wide range of designs and materials. Silver and gold are not the only choices. Alloy, ceramic and resin ones can be found in the market. The styles also dazzle people’s eyes from hollowed stainless steel one to engraved alloy one. Walking through the crowd with a unique ankle bracelet on your ankle contributes to a beautiful scene. No matter you want to buy it yourself or send them to friends, anklets are definitely the best choice for who pursuit beauty and likes fashion jewelry.

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