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The Most Ethical and Sustainable Clothing Brands from Denmark

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Denmark is known for its sustainability efforts in various aspects. This is partly due to its closeness with nature, especially as it is a country with many islands and greenery. Platforms like ReviewsBird have spoken extensively about the sustainability efforts of many fashion brands in the country. They provide customers with environmentally-friendly alternatives and strive to implement safe techniques in their several procedures.

Therefore, there is nothing better than focusing a beam on some of these Danish brands. Below are sustainable and ethically astute fashion brands in Denmark.

Organic Basics

Organic Basics is one of Denmark’s foremost ethical and sustainable fashion brands. The company is located in Denmark and provides clothes and accessories for men and women. Its collections include underwear, casuals, and loungewear. Prices at Organic Basics are between $30 and $120.

The company promotes sustainability practices by using recycled resources and organic cotton. Clothes reviews in Denmark show that the company actively supports local activities and groups striving for eco-friendly courses as part of its sustainability and ethical goals.


Underprotection is a popular sustainable clothing brand in Copenhagen that focus on female wear and accessories. You will find swimwear, bags, maternity wear, casuals, and more in their collections.

The fashion brand envisions producing sustainable clothing for its customers. Although sustainability is important, the brand ensures its products are of high quality and fashionable. Its materials are nature-friendly, including banana fiber, recycled, and organic cotton. Prices at Underprotection usually range from $30 to $120.


Woron is another ethical fashion company in Denmark established by the sisters Arina and Anya Woron. The company also deals in women’s clothing. They are located in Copenhagen. Prices at Woron usually range from $70 to $90. The company is widely known for its series of luxurious women’s underwear. Its lingeries and accessories are popular among Danish women.

The founders aim to inspire sustainability practices and improve the female identity through fashion. The company’s resources are mostly derived from plants.

Stine Goya

It isn’t easy to talk about Danish sustainable and ethical clothing brands without mentioning Stine Goya. The company focuses on female apparel and is situated in Copenhagen. Its collections include casuals, outerwear, knitwear, bags, and shoes.

The prices of items at Stine Goya range from $150 to $350. The company’s materials include recycled fibers and organic cotton. Stine Goya is greatly concerned about environmental stability and tries to incorporate novel ideas and methods into its processes to prevent adverse environmental effects.


Aiayu is another sustainable fashion company in Denmark that provides clothing and accessories for men and women. Its collections include sleepwear, loungewear, casuals, bags, and outerwear. Most of the company’s items are within the range of $70 to $150. The company is located in the Danish capital.

Aiayu strives to incorporate and inspire sustainability through its methods and use of natural materials. The company’s products are made in Nepal, Bolivia, and India. They ensure that their products are fashionable and of high quality.


Denmark’s ethical and sustainable fashion brands inspire and promote eco-friendly methods and courses. Some of these companies are listed above, and we hope it will help you find where to buy from.

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