June 15, 2024

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The Only Hair Clip That Keeps My Thin Hair In Place

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If I experienced to select a couple of terms and phrases to explain my hair, I’d in all probability go with lengthy, wonderful, straight and as slippery as the escargot Julia Roberts sends flying throughout the place in the meal scene from Really Lady.

Useless to say, obtaining my hair to keep in a bun is a obstacle. No sooner do I get it twisted into a awesome messy topknot than it begins slip-sliding its way out. The trouble can be a little remedied with dry texturizing spray (Oribe’s is awesome, Kristen Ess’s is my beloved dupe). Or I could resort to using about 37 bobby pins to anchor things in spot.

But here’s the thing. I don’t want to bother with bobby pins, and it is annoying to do the complete texture-spray matter every single time I want to toss my hair in a bun. And amongst Zoom ballet course a few times a 7 days (Dansique Physical fitness, for my fellow grown-up dancers) and doing work from household (I’m a author and I literally just can’t publish when my hair is down), I finish up throwing my hair in a bun a large amount.

I required just one speedy, easy detail I could use to keep my hair up. I’d already tried using a couple of with different degrees of accomplishment. This octopus clip by Free Folks held a messy bun ok ample, but it dug into my head, and ache is not a quality I’m following in a hair accent. This claw clip by J. Crew was comfy, but my wimpy hair slid correct out.

Eventually, I discovered this uncommon-on the lookout jaw clip on the France Luxe web page. I’d hardly ever observed a clip with two rows of enamel just before. The description promised “a top-quality grip” and two great-haired reviewers mentioned it labored for them. I requested it, and when it arrived, I recognized two matters:
1) It appeared a little bit like the creature with two mouths in the Alien films and
2) I had uncovered the Holy Grail of hair clips for fine-haired people.

It was tremendous comfortable, my messy topknot lasted virtually endlessly in the course of the workday, and when I wore it to ballet course my bun survived petit allegro 100% intact (I want I could say the same issue for my pride – I’m a terrible jumper).

The important difference is the double row of enamel, which do in fact grip your hair and prevent sliding in a rather miraculous way. Now, the just one drawback is that this clip generally costs (deep breath)… $38. Of course, that is a ton of revenue to shell out for a hair clip, but the quality is stunning (not like some flimsy drugstore clips) and it is achievable to get it on sale. I picked it up when France Luxe had 30% off in excess of the holiday seasons, and I believe it is worth it — specifically if you amortize/rationalize by contemplating the price tag of cheapie drugstore clips that would split and have to be replaced.

Ridiculous? Probably! But ridiculous with a wonderful, extended-lasting, messy bun is a thing I can reside with.

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