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The Top Ten TV Show Character Costumes of All Time

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Television shows have changed dramatically through the years. From MTV to family comedies to reality shows, each decade births a new era in television. Some series survive several years and enchant fans with reruns long after the last episode (Bewitched, for example). Others, however, survive only a season and become relegated to the long-forgotten past.

To commemorate the most memorable characters from popular television shows, profiled here is a list of the best TV Show Halloween Costumes. These costumes are our top ten choices in terms of easy recognition, longevity among television enthusiasts and memorable character depictions.

Homer Simpson: “The Simpsons” has been acknowledged as the longest-running comedy in television history, marking its 20th Anniversary in 2009. Just the name Simpson has become synonymous with dysfunction, self-depreciation and uncommon wit. Homer, the ring leader of this cartoon show, is as lovable as he is disastrous. This bald and overweight father of three is one television character who will not soon be forgotten.

Jeannie from “I Dream of Jeannie”: a catchy theme-song, exotic costumes and a beautiful genie were the foundation of this show. Jeannie broke television rules with her revealing outfit, thus giving way to a Halloween costume that is more popular than ever with women. I Dream of Jeannie aired from 1965 to 1970, and its reruns are still shown in America, Australia and India. Jeannie is truly one of the most famous TV Show Character Costumes.

Lucy from “I Love Lucy”: Lucy quickly became an American icon after the “I Love Lucy” series started in 1951. The gregarious red head is best known for her forays into trouble and ability with physical comedy. Moreover, her trademark lipstick and curls, in conjunction with standard 1950s dresses and pearls, have given way to delightful TV Show Costumes that are still instantly recognized. Today, Lucy remains a fan favorite.

Gilligan from “Gilligan’s Island”: when the S.S. Minnow shipwrecked during a tropical storm, crewman Gilligan had the opportunity to become a comic legend. Each of the lively characters from this television series proved as entertaining as the last. However, Gilligan stood apart with his clumsy maneuvers and daft responses. His sailor attire of white hat, red polo and jeans is a classic tribute to “Gilligan’s Island,” which ran for a total of three seasons. The loveable Gilligan remains an icon of all things nautical.

Jane Jetson from “The Jetsons”: a charming family of four, with their dog Astro and housekeeping robot Rosie, comprised this space-age cartoon. Jane Jetson, the devoted and loving mother, always managed to look cool and keep her house together. She was cultured and well-dressed, haling fashion as her number one interest. Subsequently, her purple dress and knee-high boots are still revered today. This is one of several TV Show Character Costumes that can be found in both family-friendly and sexy versions.

Captain Kirk from “Star Trek”: the popularity of “Star Trek” led to the evolution of a world-recognized name for fans of the series: trekkies. Such an impact on society is no small accomplishment. As Captain Kirk helped to spawn such a phenomenon, his Starship Enterprise costume earns recognition as a top contender in best TV Characters Halloween Costumes. His mustard yellow shirt and black pants signify both his eloquence as a captain and his elite status within the universe.

Any Character from “Scooby Doo”: few people can resist the lovable and happy-go-lucky appeal of Scooby Doo. He and his four sidekicks fight crime, ghosts and solve mysteries. From cartoon to big-screen, and with various memorabilia, guest appearances on other shows and video games made in-between, this television series is one enjoyed by all ages. Today, any of the five disguises of these characters (Scooby, Shaggy, Velma, Daphne and Fred) make great choices for TV Show Character Costumes.

Big Bird from “Sesame Street”: never in the history of television has a life-sized yellow bird acquired such fame. Big Bird, however, is quite distinct. Not only is he part of the longest-running children’s series ever, but he and his gang helped to pioneer educational programming. The rapid recognition of Big Bird, in conjunction with his kind-hearted ways, has earned him a spot among the top ten TV Show Character Costumes.

Fred Flintsone from “The Flintsones”: Fred Flintsone, with his lovely wife Wilma and charming daughter Pebbles, is among the greatest of television families. He works hard and is attentive to his family. However, Fred also occasionally displays a cranky nature. His Stone Age lifestyle is cute and comic, and his costume is purely genuine. Orange outfit, blue tie and bare feet epitomize this individual. Such distinct qualities make Fred a premier selection of TV Show Character Costumes.

Beetlejuice: Simply the name Beetlejuice denotes something strange, and that is what fans of this series receive every time they witness Beetlejuice in action. The black and white striped suit, untamed hair and stark white face makeup are perfect for Halloween. Not only is the disguise ideal, but Beetlejuice himself is also well-suited to Halloween. He is crazy, over-the-top and full of himself. His attempts to exorcise people make him even more hilarious. This costume is one that cannot be ignored for Halloween.

TV Show Character Costumes are as numerous as they are diverse. Some, however, pair better than others with the magic of Halloween. For your next festivity, consider the top ten costumes that are listed here. They are sure to earn you as much acclaim as they did for the original characters who wore them.

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