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Types Of Broaching Machines

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Broaching is a highly efficient machining process that involves removing material using a toothed tool called a broach. Broaching machines are vital in this process by facilitating precise and controlled cutting operations. They are used across various industries to create complex shapes, keyways, and gears. This article will explore different types of broaching machines, focusing on the gear broaching machine.

Vertical Broaching Machines

Vertical broaching machines are commonly used in manufacturing facilities. They consist of a vertical ram that carries the broaching tool. These machines are designed to handle various broaching operations, including internal and external broaching. Vertical broaching machines are suitable for small to medium-sized workpieces and offer high productivity.

Horizontal Broaching Machines

Horizontal broaching machines operate horizontally, with the broach tool moving linearly. They are commonly used for heavy-duty broaching operations and can handle larger workpieces. Horizontal broaching machines offer excellent rigidity, making them suitable for cutting rigid materials. They are widely used in the automotive, aerospace, and construction industries.

Gear Broaching Machines

Gear broaching machines are specialized for cutting gear teeth. They are designed to produce precise and uniform gear profiles, ensuring smooth and efficient gear operation. Gear broaching machines can handle different gears, including spur, helical, and internal loads. They employ various broach tools and cutting techniques to achieve the desired gear specifications.

Surface Broaching Machines

Surface broaching machines are designed to create flat or contoured workpiece surfaces. They often produce gears, splines, and other complex components. These machines utilize a horizontal or vertical ram to carry the broach tool across the workpiece’s surface, resulting in precise and uniform cutting.

Continuous Chain Broaching Machines

Continuous chain broaching machines are known for their high-speed broaching capabilities. They utilize a constant loop of broaching tools to achieve a rapid and efficient cutting process. These devices are often used for large-scale production, requiring high volumes and tight tolerances. They are commonly found in the automotive and aerospace industries.

Internal Broaching Machines

Internal broaching machines create interior features such as keyways, splines, and gear teeth within a workpiece. They are equipped with a broach tool designed to remove material from the inside of the workpiece. Internal broaching machines can be vertical or horizontal, depending on the application’s specific requirements.

Hydraulic Broaching Machine

Hydraulic broaching is performed with the aid of a high-pressure hydraulic fluid. The fluid’s pressure and exact variation provide energy to different components that make up the device. The pressure of the liquid is controlled and distributed directly and automatically using controls, hoses, and tubes. The benefit of hydraulic systems is their precision control and ability to transfer enormous power through slim lines and flexible hoses.


Broaching machines are indispensable in the manufacturing industry, enabling the production of intricate shapes, keyways, and gears with high precision. Vertical and horizontal broaching machines are widely used for various applications, while surface broaching machines are preferred for creating flat or contoured surfaces. 

Continuous chain broaching machines excel in high-speed, high-volume production. Internal broaching engines cater to internal feature machining, and gear broaching machines specialize in gear-cutting operations. Each type of broaching machine offers distinct advantages, and the selection depends on the application’s specific needs. By understanding these different types, manufacturers can choose the most suitable broaching device for their machining requirements.

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