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Your Waxing Guide: Everything You Need to Know About Waxing

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What do we love about summers despite being almost toasted to death?

It’s the season to take out those cute little summer dresses, strappy tops, and shorts that make your killer legs grove to beat the heat! But before opting for those chic and comfortable outfits, we need to do a terrible job. Waxing! All the women might have heaved in distress because waxing has always been considered a very messy and dreadful job. 

Gone are the days when we had to spend a fortune in the salons where the parlour wali didi blatantly lied to us about guaranteeing no skin burns or allergies after each session. Lo and behold! We may thank the expanding cosmetics sector for continuously developing in this area and meeting the unique needs of a modern woman.

The affordable, ready-made wax strips have been a boon for all of us. Whether you want to remove your coarse hair, in-growths, or peach fuzz, every kind of wax strip gets customised according to the skin type and the body part. 

The strip wax ranges from normal hair removal wax strips to facial hair removal wax strips to upper lip hair removal strips. Flavoured wax strips like chocolate wax strips are also available in the market. Nowadays, men also prefer waxing which led to the introduction of wax strips. 

To reduce women’s dependency on parlour for petty things such as eyebrows and upper lips. Many companies have launched products like upper lips wax strips, cold wax for the face, hot wax strips, full body wax strips, or usual hair removal strips.

If you’re someone looking for the right guide on how to use a wax strip or what are the best wax strips available on the market, then you’re in the perfect place. In this article, we will share all the tips and tricks to use these waxes and suggest the best products available.

The Perfect Guide to Waxing

  1. Prepare the Skin for Waxing:
  • Wash the place with a cleanser to remove any dirt from the skin.
  • Now exfoliate the skin with a scrub before applying the wax. It will exfoliate any dead cells from the skin.
  • Make sure your skin is entirely dry before using the wax.
  • Bonus tip: You can rub ice beforehand to reduce the pain while waxing.
  1. Using the Wax Strip:
  • First, rub the waxing sheet for a few mins, and then remove the protective backing of the wax.
  • Apply the ready-made wax strip on the skin and rub it 2-3 times.
  • Use one hand to hold the skin tightly.
  • Now rip the strip in the opposite direction of the hair growth.
  • Redo the procedure 2-3 times with every single strip.
  • Repeat the whole process until you get smooth hairless skin.
  • And your soft, smooth skin is all-ready!!

Best Wax Strips Available in the Market!

Best Cold Wax Strips:

Veet Full Body Waxing Kit for Normal Skin:

This Veet full body waxing kit for women is suitable for people with dry and normal skin types.

The Waxing strips help to remove body hair in just one pull. It makes the skin smooth, and it gently exfoliates the skin. 

Shea butter, which moisturises, and berries, which leave a delicious smell, are ingredients in the strips’ formulation. 

The waxing kit also comes in two other variants: the Veet full body Waxing kit for sensitive skin and the Veet full body waxing kit for dry skin. Women with sensitive skin can opt for sensitive skin wax to avoid any irritation due to normal wax.

Beautiz Waxing Strips: 

The product comes with 20 waxing strips infused with the goodness of tea tree extracts. They are quick and hassle-free. The strips help to remove hair from the roots, leaving the skin smooth for almost 4-weeks.

Health and Glow Waxing Strips:  

The product comes with 5 waxing strips. The waxing strips effectively remove hair along from the roots.

They are constructed of a non-woven material that firmly retains and quickly removes hair. The legs, arms, underarms, face, and intimate areas can all get waxed with the strips.

Carmesi Natural Wax Strips: 

These are natural waxing strips for your underarms, face, and bikini line. These face, bikini line, and underarm wax strips come in a pack of 20 ready-to-use wax strips and 4 post-wax soothing & moisturising wipes. The strips help to remove hair effectively, leaving soft, smooth skin.

Best Hot Wax Strips and Creams:

Biosoft Aloe Vera Cream Wax: 

Aloe vera extracts are added to this cream wax for decoration. In addition to soothingly removing hair, it smoothens and moisturises the skin, preventing post-waxing irritation and redness.

Biosoft Gold Microwave Premium Hard Wax:

It is India’s 1st microwave wax. It is a cutting-edge, high-end answer to your waxing regime. Its unique HD titanium formula makes for a smooth and thin application on the skin and effectively gets rid of ingrown hair completely. 

In just three minutes, the wax may be quickly heated in a microwave and is ready for use. The gold version of the product gets enhanced with elements like mica that make the skin shimmer and feel silky after waxing.

Biosoft Chocolate Cream Wax:  

This cream wax has moisturising and restorative ingredients. It removes the fine, underlined hair and has an unusual scent and colour. It gives a smooth and opulent depilatory experience and makes the skin soft.

All the waxing strips, creams, and waxes mentioned above are available on Health and Glow.

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