April 23, 2024

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You’re Making Your Outfits Look Cheap If You’re Not Doing Any Of These Things

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You already have all of the elevated basics, trendy pieces, and some serious style. But the small fixes on this list will amp up your chicness that much more, and they’ll solve a few clothing and undergarment problems we all face on the daily (even stylish influencers, I’m sure of it). If you’re not doing the things on this list, your outfits are about to look that much more put together.

This list has little fixes like gently removing tags from the new sheer top you bought. Why do they even sew a tag into a mesh top? I’ll never know. For whatever reason they do it, there’s a seam ripper on this list to fix it. This steel tool with a fabric-protecting tip makes for a clean removal process. It’s way better than chopping off the tag with your desk scissors and leaving that jagged bit of paper and seam behind.

There are styling solutions, like an elastic belt with a low-profile clasp. It’s the perfect one for belting a trendy oversized button-up without figuring out how to tie or tuck a classic belt. But you have to grab the two little pink sponges on this list. They gently scrub off those deodorant streaks that always seem to happen when you’re pulling on clothes in a rush.

You have all of the best pieces in your closet, and you’ve already hand-selected your style. Now, it’s time to elevate the styling details and use a few hacks.

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Handling Pilling Sweaters & Knits With A Fabric Shaver

It’s time to stop avoiding those pilling sweaters in the back of your closet and finally get a battery-operated fabric shaver. This budget-friendly handheld option will remove all of those fuzzies from thick or lightweight sweaters. That’s because the 2-inch shaving head is adjustable to get as close to your knit fabric as you want. Once you have a smooth sweater, it’s easy to empty the built-in fuzz and pill collector.


Taking A Portable Fabric Steamer In Your Suitcase For Wrinkle-Free Vacation Looks

Your clothes are going to get wrinkled in your suitcase — it’s unavoidable. That’s why it’s always worth it to take this portable fabric steamer. It’s compact enough to pack, but it still gives you an 8-foot cord that’s easy to work with no matter what your hotel’s outlet situation is like. This sleek steamer heats up in two minutes and has an auto-shutoff that’s safe for delicate fabrics like silk. So, it’s a way better option than packing an iron.


Keeping Classic Gold Plated Hoops In Your Bag At All Times

Keeping these classic 14K gold plated hoops in your bag at all times is an easy way to amp up an outfit on the go. If you’re bored of your go-to outfit, or if you’re going out after work, these lightweight hoops with stainless steel posts are an easy style booster. They’re also hypoallergenic and come in yellow, rose, or white gold tones.


Preventing Stressed, Stretched, Or Creased Fabrics With Velvet Hangers

Your outfits will look way more expensive if your fabrics aren’t stressed, stretched, or creased. These velvet hangers are gentle on all of your hanging pieces, thanks to the curved design that works with the shape of your clothes. The velvet cover also prevents creasing and stops clothes from slipping off onto the floor. Not only will these extra-slim hangers help your outfits look better, but they’ll also save closet space.


Hanging Delicate Clothing Instead Of Ruining The Look With Your Dryer

Seeing a tag that says “hang dry only” isn’t as annoying with this collapsible clothes drying rack. Honestly, setting up this durable steel rack is easier than all of the steps to start your dryer. Instead of cleaning lint trays and grabbing dryer sheets, this 45-inch tall rack can hold so many clothes.


Securing Clothes Or Even Your Socks With Clothing Tape

This clothing tape gives you perfectly fitting tops or wedding guest dresses, and even keeps your no-show socks in place. This non-irritating tape is skin-friendly and won’t leave your fabrics feeling sticky. You won’t need to use safety pins, and this tape is pre-cut into little strips, so they’re quick to put on.


Misting Your Everyday Clothes With Anti-Wrinkle Spray Instead Of Reaching For An Iron

Instead of ironing your favorite pieces every day, this anti-wrinkle spray is safe on pretty much any fabric. You can even use this plant-based formula on your curtains. It sa
ves that classic white tee you wear almost every week from your iron, and it works on any moderate wrinkle situation you find in your dresser. Plus, it adds a nice scent of light jasmine, sweet musk, sandalwood, and citrus to your clothes.


Removing Stains Quickly With A Pen Before They Set

Use these stain removing pens if you spill something while you’re out. The bleach-free formula will get rid of makeup, that pasta sauce from dinner, and more. It also has a gentle scrubbing tip to really make stains disappear, so they don’t have time to set into your clothes before you get home. Just be sure to use a napkin or paper towel on the spill first.


Keeping A Pack Of Socks Around, So You Always Have Fresh & Matching Pairs

Plain socks aren’t a fun thing to buy, but keeping this breathable sock pack around will come in handy. You’ll always have a fresh and matching pair when you’re picking your outfit. The moisture-wicking bamboo fabric is also exceptionally good at keeping the original shape and size when you wash them. Plus, the reinforced design means you won’t have ripped socks sticking out of your adorable and trendy jeans.

  • Available Sizes: 6 — 12
  • Available Colors: 44


Cleaning Those Stacking Rings You Never Take Off With A Gentle Solution

We all have those jewelry pieces we never take off (I’m looking at you, trendy stacking rings). This biodegradable and gentle cleaning solution comes in an easy-to-use 6-ounce jar. It also comes with a mess-free dipping tray and a soft brush. The non-toxic ammonia-free solution is even OK to use on your rings with pearls or stones. It’s amazing how good you’ll feel (and look) when your jewelry gets its sparkle back.


Wearing A Comfortable Bra That Won’t Distract You During The Day

You won’t feel your best in your outfit if you’re not comfortable in your bra. If you prefer to wear one, this wireless nylon-blend bra is an extra-comfy option. It’s lightly lined, but it still has a hook and eye closure, so you don’t have to pull it over your head, which is always such a pain. Plus, it has wide straps that are actually gentle on your shoulders.

  • Available Sizes: X-Small — 3X-Large
  • Available Colors: 12


Keeping A Simple Cardigan With You Instead Of A Windbreaker

If it’s not storming but still chilly, grab this lightweight cardigan for your bag or car instead of a rain jacket. If you get a little cold, this classic V-neck style with rib-knit cuff details will look polished with whatever outfit you have on that day. This button-front cardigan also comes in plenty of bright colors to add to your rotation.

  • Available Sizes: X-Small — 6X
  • Available Colors: 28


Using Mesh Laundry Bags To Wash All Of Your Clothes, Not Just Your Workout Sets

If we take the time to protect our leggings in the washing machine, why don’t we use these mesh laundry bags for all of our clothes? These polyester bags stop your favorite jeans from tangling up with your go-to blouse in the wash — which ultimately keeps your clothes looking new longer. Each one has a zipper closure, and this pack even comes with bags designed for bras.


Storing Your Bags In A Closet Organizer To Protect Them & Choose The Best One To Match Your Outfit

Your bags will always look new if you take care of them with this over-the-door organizer. The plastic materials protect your bags from scratches, or worse, dirt from your shoes. It has four large pockets for your oversized laptop bag, and the clear windows let you see all of your bags when you’re choosing your accessories. This organizer comes in four great color options.


Taking Care Of Trendy Trousers & Midi Skirts With These Non-Slip Hangers

Instead of shoving those trendy trousers you bought into a drawer, use these metal pants hangers. These space-saving and adjustable hangers work for those trousers, jeans, and even your midi or mini skirts. The anti-rust chrome clips are coated in rubber to protect your favorite fabrics and stop them from slipping off.


Removing Deodorant Streaks From Your Clothes With These Little Pink Sponges

There’s nothing worse than pulling on your outfit in a hurry and realizing you got deodorant on your shirt. These little pink sponges fixe those dreaded deodorant streaks on your clothes, and you won’t be late trying to pick a new outfit. Plus, each of the sponges in this two-pack is small enough to pack in your work bag or suitcase.


Carrying A Lipstick With You That Lets You Skip The Balm

If you want to add a lip color to your look but you don’t have time for a full exfoliation and lip balm routine, this hydrating lipstick is the answer. The formula has argan oil, vitamin E, and omega 3 to prevent having painful chapped lips under your lipstick all day. This creamy and nourishing lipstick comes in over 40 colors for whatever vibe you’re going for.


Keeping Neutral Camisoles Around For Layering Under Itchy Tops

Whether you reach for these adjustable strap camisoles when you’re taking a snooze, or you want your white tee to be a little more opaque, you’ll find yourself wearing them all the time. The cotton and spandex blend fabric is super comfy, so these tanks are even helpful to wear under an itchy top or sweater. They have a scoop neckline and come in so many color combinations.

  • Available Sizes: X-Small — XX-Large
  • Available Colors: 27


Wearing A Faux Collar To Be Trendy Without Overheating

Layer this faux collar under an oversized sweater, add a faux-leather blazer, and you instantly have a trendy look that won’t cause you to overheat. Even though this 100% cotton collar isn’t a full shirt, it still has four functional and durable buttons. It also has adjustable straps and comes in a few trendy collar styles.

  • Available Colors/Styles: 7


Carrying Matching Bags To Make Your Travel Clutter Look Chic

If you always need at least three bags for your travel clutter (I definitely do), this matching bag set will make that travel clutter look chic and put together. This faux-leather set has an anti-scratch finish, so they’ll keep looking nice even after getting bumped around at the airport or in the office. This set comes with a clutch, a medium-sized bag, and of course, an oversized tote.


Keeping Your Favorite Boots Crease-Free With These Shaping Inserts

Every time you take off your favorite knee-high boots, pop these boot-shaping inserts in them. Tall boots are pricey, and these plastic inserts will keep them upright and crease-free in your closet. If you have extra hooks in your closet setup, they have a loop on top that’ll help you hang them. Plus, the plastic easily bends to fit inside your boots, so they’re easy to use.


Organizing Your Laundry Better With This Functional Dual Hamper

We’ve all worn a mismatched outfit because our cute clothes are dirty, but this double hamper is so functional that you’ll be inspired to do your laundry more often. It’s complete with a lid, sturdy handles, and of course, two removable laundry bags. This hamper also comes in fun colors if you need a little more inspiration, including pastel pink, dark blue, and turquoise.


Packing Away Seasonal Clothes In A Breathable & Protective Bag

Even if you don’t need seasonal clothes where you live, these protective storage bags are helpful for extra looks that don’t fit your closet. The zipper design and breathable non-woven fabric keep your clothes looking nice while they wait to be worn. With sturdy handles and reinforced seams, you can even pack away a hefty duvet insert or wool coat.


Making Your Bra Or Layering Tank Extra Comfy With A Clip, Strap, & Extender Set

If you prefer bras or strappy layering tanks, this bra strap kit will make your look both comfortable and polished. The bra strap clips can turn any bra into a racerback, the bra strap holder makes your bra more adjustable and stops straps from falling, and the bra extenders help add a bit of band length for extra comfort. If your bra doesn’t look like it’s fitting comfortably, it can cause havoc to your overall look.


Tailoring Or Fixing Pants Yourself With These Pin-On Buttons

Whether it’s a broken button on your favorite jeans or a waistband that’s not the right size, grab this replacement button pack. They’re made of durable metal, just like the buttons you’re used to. These clip-on buttons are also easy to take off if you don’t position them quite right on your first try. There are a variety of styles so that your jeans can look just like they did when you bought them.


Wearing This Lightweight Cape To Avoid Foundation Spills On Your Clothes

Pull on this splash-proof makeup cape just like you would when you get a haircut anytime you’re doing your makeup. It prevents fallout and foundation spills from staining your clothes which is especially helpful if you’re wearing a white top. Plus, this clothes-protecting cape is machine-washable, and it comes in 14 colors and styles.


Protecting Your Leather Bags (And Cleaning The Ones You Forgot To Protect) With This Kit

Don’t worry if you already have leather pieces you forgot to protect, because this leather care kit comes with a cleaner that’ll take care of it in no time. The formula will gently clean off your favorite loafers, so they’re nice and prepped for the conditioner. Both the cleaner and conditioner are free of harsh chemicals and abrasives. The conditioner will stop cracks, stains, and more, giving your leather all of the natural oil it needs.


Creating The Perfect Belted Look With These Elastic Belts

If you’re going for the stylish look of an oversized button-up belted at the waist, these elastic belts are the only ones to reach for. Using a classic leather belt always looks a little disheveled because it’s hard to know where to tuck the excess belt after clasping it. The interlocking metal clasp on these belts solves that problem and speeds up your styling process. Plus, the fabric is stretchy, so they’re way comfier than a normal belt.

  • Available Sizes: 22 inches — 42 inches
  • Available Color Packs: 8


Protecting Your Comfiest Undergarments With These Structured Laundry Bags

These mesh laundry bags protect your favorite comfy undergarments in the wash — because who wants to pull their favorite cotton underwear out of the dryer, and it’s full of pills and frayed seams? They offer double protection with a structured frame and breathable honeycomb mesh. The zipper resists rust and stays secure during a tumble dry. These little bags also come in handy to keep items separate in your travel bag.


Displaying All Of Your Accessory Options So You Never Leave Home Under-Accessorized

Never leave home under-accessorized with this multi-use hanging belt organizer. Sure, it’s called a belt hanger, but the soft rubber coating and 11 small hooks also make it perfect for scarves, necklaces, bras, small bags, and more. The rust-resistant hook lets you display all of your accessories next to your clothes, so they’re easy to pick out.


Wearing Shorts Under Skirts Instead Of Uncomfortable Slips

These slip shorts are way comfier than awkward slips if you prefer a non-sheer look under your skirts. They’re made of a lightweight nylon blend fabric that’s stretchy and keeps you nice and cool under that trendy midi dress. Plus, they’re seamless and hit about mid-thigh, which is great for most dress lengths.

  • Available Sizes: Small — 3X Large
  • Available Colors: 3


Using A Seam Ripper To Delicately Remove Tags From Sheer Fabrics

If a tag is ruining the look of your new sheer top, this steel seam ripper will take care of it before you go out. Plus, you won’t be left with half of an itchy tag still intact, like you would if you cut it off with scissors. There’s a built-in safety ball to protect that delicate sheer fabric, and there’s a safety cap for when you’re not removing tags.


A Bra Extender That Can Make Low-Back Shirts And Dresses Look Classier

If you prefer the support of a bra, this bra converter makes it easier to wear one with a low back top or dress. Just by clipping it onto your bra hooks, it can convert into a bra that effectively exposes your back. This budget-friendly solution creates the perfect V-back look, and the nylon fabric is durable enough to wear it over and over again.

  • Available Colors and Styles: 4


Fixing Tears With This Iron-On Fabric That Can Replace Your Sewing Kit

Even if you’re pretty good at sewing, this iron-on mending fabric is a better option for fixing tears in your favorite pieces. Stitching can be super obvious, but this soft polyester and cotton fabric lays flat and won’t mess up the way your fabric drapes. This easy solution also won’t create any awkward bumps or wrinkles.


Protecting Your Favorite Fabrics With Wool Dryer Balls

There are so many benefits of using these wool dryer balls, like quicker drying times, getting rid of static, and softening your clothes. When it comes to elevating your outfits, this dryer solution protects your favorite fabrics and prevents wrinkles. That means you can grab your top right out of the dryer and still look polished. They’re also hypoallergenic, and it’s easy to add a few essential oils for a soothing laundry scent.

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