September 26, 2023

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10 wellness tips for travelers | Live Well

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Frequent travelers will tell you that travel and wellness go hand in hand. A prime example is Jonathan Look Jr., who retired early to travel for personal growth. “If you go to faraway places and get outside of the comfortable bubbles that we build around ourselves, you will become more informed,” Look wrote in a 2018 Forbes article.

This drive to travel has led to several well-being trends, including regenerative travel, voluntourism, and wellness travel. Don’t worry though—you don’t need to retire early like Look to explore the wellness benefits of traveling. To help you reenergize with minimal travel stress, Bounce researched some of the best recommendations for maintaining wellness while on the road.

Discovering the world can be as easy as walking out the front door and exploring your neighborhood to engage with the nature, culture, and community that’s commonly overlooked. Lucky for us, the world—as they say—is our oyster.

Feeling some trepidation due to COVID-19? By taking precautions, it’s possible to explore the world safely. It’s important to review the COVID-19 guidelines for your destination as well as the recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Make sure vaccinations are up to date, carry proof of vaccinations (required in many places, including restaurants), wear a mask, self-monitor for symptoms, and test before and after traveling.

Most importantly: Get out there! Travel fuels passions and sparks inspiration, something everyone needs. | Newsphere by AF themes.