July 23, 2024

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A Manly Barbarian Costume – Learn How to Make Your Own Now

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Dressing up for Halloween like a Barbarian Warrior may seem complex or over your head, but trust me following these few simple steps and tips it will be easy and you will have one of the best Halloween costumes of any other Barbarians, Vikings or Ancient Warriors anywhere you go.

Starting from the bottom of the costume up, simply start by getting some animal print faux fur from a local store. What you need to do with this fake fur is wrap it around your legs from about from your ankle up to your knee on each leg. Hold this in place and have someone help you to tie this onto your legs using leather trim, or a leather belt, any leather looking type string will do.

Wrap up each leg with the faux fur so that it shows off a nice pattern. Tie this off at the top, and there you have the simple Barbarian Warrior leg wear. Top that off with classic brown sandals that match the brown in the leather straps and the bottom of your barbarian costume is already done. Simple as that!

Moving up the costume, now you need to find a simple and inexpensive faux fur tunic. You can typically find these almost anywhere during the Autumn and Halloween season. But if you cant find one, you can always make one by using any piece of brown faux fur and draping it across your chest and over one shoulder. Look extra barbaric by tying leather strings around it as you did on your legs and by leaving faux fur loose around the bottom and neck.

Tying leather strings around your neck will add a classic Barbarian touch and make it look as if you didn’t throw this warrior costume together, last minute. Once you get the tunic in place you are almost all ready! The next thing you need is a wide brown belt, the bigger in width, the better. Place this right across the center of the tunic, or coat whichever you are wearing. You can also add some vinyl strings to this for detail, or just a simple belt works as well.

Once the belt is in place you can move on to the arm cuffs which you basically make the same way that we did the leggings. You use brown faux fur again, and you cut strips of it and place them on your arms from your elbows all the way up to your shoulders. Next, tie these in place with help from someone else the same way that we tied them onto your legs leaving the leather strings hanging to help with your Barbaric inspired look.

Now we move on to what we call the accessories for this manly barbarian costume. You will need to buy a big plastic sword or knife that you can once again find anywhere during this time of year with Halloween just around the corner. I would try to find a darker colored one that looks old and used like they would have had back in the times of barbarians, so no silver or shiny things.

You also may want to wear a headband or headdress of some sort. The best way to do this is to once again use faux fur and the leather banding and just do what feels right to you. Tie it around your head and hair, either wide or narrow, depending on the look you are going for. And don’t forget that wild mane of hair that barbarians are known for either. If your hair isn’t already long and crazy, just get a wig and mess it up a bit. Voila – barbarian hair!

Remember to have fun with this barbarian costume and ad lib as much as you want because imagination is the key to this! Barbarian costumes allow the wild, uncivilized, animalistic part of you to shine – so dress up in your best animal pelts, grab your sword and go smite a few enemy tribes! And don’t forget the candy while you’re there either!

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