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Five Best Engagement Ring Styles of 2021

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The 33 Best Simple Engagement Rings of 2021

When it comes to choosing an engagement ring for your partner. It can be difficult to choose with so many wonderful styles out there. From the style of art deco to vintage jewellery. It is hard to narrow it down and choose an engagement ring for that special one in your life. This guide is here to help you choose the perfect ring. It may also educate a little on how many different styles are out there.

Low Set Solitaire Rings

This is for those that prefer not to have too much going on with their jewellery. This ring is subtle yet still very beautiful on the hand of your partner. A low solitaire ring is where a diamond is held in place by metal claws. The metal can be whichever you choose for the wedding band, the most common is silver or white gold for an engagement ring. Again, the wedding band depends on what your partner prefers or what you think is best for him/ her. 

The positive about this ring is that the gemstone is close to the wedding band. Making it difficult to catch on your clothes. It is the perfect ring for those who have an active lifestyle and like to keep it simple with their engagement ring. 

High Set Solitaire Rings

Similar to the low set solitaire ring, the gemstone of this wonderful style is held in place by much longer metal claws. So the gemstone is more elevated than a low set solitaire ring. If you hold the ring up and look at it from the side. You will notice that the gemstone has a little gap from the wedding band. This is the classic style of engagement rings. Not only does the gemstone look much bigger in this style but, it catches a lot of light giving it the ultimate sparkle. If the low set solitaire engagement rings are too low-key for you, then this ring is perfect for you.

Rub Over Set Solitaire Rings  

Up next, the rub-over set solitaire ring. This is where the gemstone is wrapped in metal. This style might not look as good as the other styles that have previously been mentioned but, it does have its advantages. First of all, whichever gemstone you choose, it will be held securely, not having a chance to be knocked out. Secondly, it won’t catch on any clothing or anything else due to the metal being wrapped around the gemstone. Finally, the diamond looks like it is much larger than it actually is. Again, with the gemstone being so fixed to the metal, it is the perfect engagement ring for those that live an active lifestyle and work a lot with their hands. 

Vintage Engagement Rings

Vintage engagement rings have become extremely popular in recent years due to the concern of global warming and their amazing craftsmanship. From art-deco engagement rings to the beautiful Victorian style rings. There are thousands of different vintage engagement rings to choose from alone. 


Choosing a ring for your loved one can be hard. Remember to ask them to find out what they prefer as well the metal bands they prefer. That way you can go wrong with choosing the perfect ring for your partner. 

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