September 26, 2023

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Popular Streetwear Brands of This Year

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Best Streetwear Brands Worldwide - MenPath

Streetwear is a wonderful fashion trend for both men and women. Many premium brands jump on board with streetwear. Collaborating with other brands to add a new twist to this wonderful fashion trend. There are more and more streetwear brands that are trending across the world that you need to buy for yourself. 


Supreme is the most premium brand out there when it comes to streetwear. They were one of the first brands on the market for Streetwear as well, just behind Stussy. Supreme is a brand that put more street style on the map. With many a-list celebrities jumping on board with this amazing trend. Kanye West, Travis Scott and Mike Tyson are just a select few that have worn this great brand. 


Off-white is another highly premium brand that is parading the catwalks of Milan. The creative director of Louis Vuitton, who is one of the most influential figures in fashion, soon became popular with the premium streetwear wearers. The brand is very new to the fashion industry and it only launched in 2013. It is a luxury brand that many people have embraced within the streetwear community. 


Stussy is the first brand that created the streetwear hype. It was founded by a man called Shawn Stussy and spread his brand across the surfer community. How the brand started originally is with Shawn scribbling his last name onto surfboards before printing it onto his clothing. They originally started printed graphic tees before spreading it across to other clothes such as jumpers/ hoodies. It soon spread across the United States of America and now, is worn all over the world. Although Shawn Stussy is no longer working with the brand, Stussy is still a well-known clothing brand within the fashion industry. 

Noah NYC 

Another premium streetwear brand is yet a lot less popular than the other brands that have been mentioned. If you are going into your mid-twenties and you need to upgrade your style. Noah NYC is the brand for you. Brendon Babezian, who worked for Supreme, launched the brand and it soon took off. Noah has collaborated with one of the best brands out there for plain tracksuits, Adidas. This amazing brand has everything that a man needs when it comes to streetwear. 


This is without a doubt the United Kingdom’s most popular brand for streetwear. The man behind the brand is Lev Tanju and wished for the brand to follow the footsteps of the best streetwear brand out there, Supreme. Palace is also a relatively new brand to the fashion industry. With it only been around for 12 years (founded in 2009). Despite it being relatively young compared to other major streetwear brands, Palace has certainly made a name for its self within the world of streetwear. 


There are many great brands out there when it comes to men’s streetwear. Some are more expensive than others. It is easy to say that streetwear is one of the most popular fashion trends and it has been for some years. You could even argue that it is no longer a trend because it has been around for so long. Either way, shop around because there is a brand for everyone. | Newsphere by AF themes.