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Sterling Silver Jewelry – Fact Check and Latest Trends

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Are you a part of the brigade which eyes sterling silver jewelry with a bit of a doubt? If yes, then it is time for you to reverse this opinion, because far from being an imitation, the 925 sterling silver wholesale is both real and savvy. In addition it is also versatile, courtesy of the added strength, and aesthetic, given the trendy designs that it can be molded into.

Despite having a lower concentration than the 99.9% that defines fine silver, with 92.5% silver content it is sufficiently valuable to be in demand the world over. But what renders the 925 sterling silver wholesale truly attractive is its malleability, due to which it is fast emerging as a perfect option for all kinds of jewelry, such as wholesale gemstone rings and necklaces.

What exactly is Sterling Silver?

In jewelry related jargon, it is an alloy of silver which contains 92.5% silver in combination with 7.5% of any other metal. Usually, jewelers use copper with silver, but nickel is also an option wherein it is used to form the stronger and more durable ornaments.

Counted among the precious metals that have been around since 3000 BC, the manner in which silver is used has diversified over the years. Initially pure silver, also referred to as fine silver, was used for making jewelry. However, its softness became an apparent drawback, wherein it was all too susceptible to suffering damage and loss of shape. The search was on for a more durable option when sometime during the 12th century, the German states under English rule came up with a solution.

Because the German coiners were called ‘Easterlings’, the slightly diluted form of silver that they had concocted with the intention of improving durability was christened Sterling Silver. Since then mankind has employed this beautiful 925 sterling silver wholesale in various industries, ranging from electrical conduction to specialized medical equipment.

925 Sterling Silver Wholesale Jewelry Options

The reason why this option is preferred over pure silver to make jewelry is because it can be comfortably carved and hammered into any shape. As a result, sterling silver jewelry is used for crafting a variety of ornaments, not to mention the diverse range of designs that are available under each section. To this effect, discussed as follows are some common categories that might interest any avid jewelry enthusiast –

Earrings – Under this category it is possible to find a suitable pair for any kind of occasion. Common options include studs, which can be worn throughout the day to work or at home. Likewise, use a pair of hoops to jazz up a casual outfit and look trendy with minimal accessories. Then there are the silver-drop and chandelier earrings, and wholesale gemstone rings which add to a formal or traditional attire.

Charm Bracelets – Few types of jewelry can effortlessly transcend age, culture and gender boundaries, and charm bracelets are one of them. Sterling silver charm bracelets come in different styles, like European, Italian, Pandora and even crystal and glass. All you need to do is choose one that suits the occasion and personal preference, and give it away as a gift or a keepsake.

Cuffs – Use a cuff to make a statement, wherein a broad cuff is ideal for grabbing attention and a narrow band is indicative of a minimalist but style-conscious mindset. Distinct from a bracelet, a cuff is one of the jewelry pieces that can fit into any situation and goes well with any kind of outfit.

Necklace – A sterling silver necklace could be smooth, like a snake chain or an Omega chain. Alternatively it can feature a woven rope-like structure, which is typical of a Figaro or a Singapore chain. Your choice of necklace is reflective of the attitude that you exude, wherein a solid chain makes a bold and loud statement which is difficult to ignore, while a rope chain gives out a conventional vibe. Both match well with wholesale gemstone rings.

How does it compare to white gold?

925 sterling silver wholesale jewelry can easily be mistaken for white gold, given that both appear identical at first glance. However, the similarity ends there, because both precious metals are quite distinct from each other. As compared to white gold, this option is –

  • More affordable, because silver is cheaper than any and every form of gold;
  • Difficult to maintain, as it is prone to turn black due to oxidation, a problem that does not affect white gold;
  • Less durable, as white gold is more resistant to scratches and dents;

That being said, it is one of the lower-priced options in the niche and, like wholesale gemstone rings, can be worn by anyone since it does not react with the skin to cause allergies.

Final Thoughts

Affordability and ease of maintenance are some of the leading reasons that render 925 sterling silver wholesale jewelry and wholesale gemstone rings more attractive as compared to pure silver. It is also more long-lasting, as there is no danger of the plate wearing off, although you might need to polish the surface every once in a while.

So, if you are a jewelry enthusiast, then it could prove to be a worthy choice in terms of variety, price and value for money.

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