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Traditional Connotations of White-Gold From the Ancient Egyptian Civilization

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White-gold is these days used in modern jewellery, often wedding rings, as a symbol of everlasting love and beauty. Yet, white-gold has a lengthy history, reaching back as far as the Egyptians.

Colour was believed, by the ancient Egyptians to express something at the heart of a person or object. They also alleged that the god’s colour were unknown, as they were in a way unknown to them. In art they used colours to symbolize aspects of their Kings, Queens and gods; however, sometimes the connotations of these colours could be ambivalent.

White-gold was valued in highly Egyptian times. It was used as a symbol, close to the symbolic nature of yellow or white. White was symbolic of omnipotence and purity to the Egyptians – a symbol that is still valid today. Often used to represent the simple but sacred part of the Egyptian life, due to its lack of colour, it was seen regularly in religious ceremonies. White sandals and bowls were used in religious rituals and even white was often present during the embalming process. Holy cities even used ‘white’ in their names, as Memphis is roughly translated as ‘white walls’. Even thousands of years ago, white was seen as a sacred and religious symbol.

Yellow for the Egyptians linked to the sun and gold, which were symbolic of their imperishable, eternal and indestructible nature. The Egyptians regularly used yellow in their art work to portray the gods, which they believed has gold bones. They also used Gold on the god’s statues to symbolize their everlasting rule. King’s and Queens were often too buried in a gold sarcophagus – the golden transportation device to their eternity or after life. Thus, you can see the roots of gold’s symbolism as gesture of eternal love and an indestructible relationship.

Tie white and gold together in a wedding ring and you have a symbol of purity, sacredness, eternity and an indestructible nature – all of which are the substance at the very heart of a marriage.

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