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Why Islamic Jewellery is the Perfect Islamic Gift For New Babies!

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The arrival of a new baby is followed by the visits from relatives and friends to see the child, and they all come bearing gifts. In many Muslim cultures most first born babies receive some form of Islamic jewellery as gifts after their births. Although this is more of an ethnic tradition and not a religious one, at the same time people with means try to follow it as a way of showing their love for the baby. Gold and silver are precious metals so they are chosen to craft the various Islamic jewellery items that are gifted to a new baby.

New born Muslim girls mostly receive an array gold Islamic jewellery articles such as bangles, anklets, necklaces, rings and earrings. Girls are allowed to wear gold so it is considered to be a more appropriate gift along with being a status symbol in many countries. The creme de la creme can manage to purchase expensive gold Islamic jewellery and present it to their loved ones as a sign of their love and affection. On the other hand, the less affluent opt for the more inexpensive copper or other semi precious metals and alloy Islamic jewellery articles to use as gifts, as they are more affordable for them.

For young boys though, whether rich or poor, all try to select Islamic jewellery articles made of precious and semi precious metals other than gold, as Muslim men are forbidden to wear gold items in Islam. New born baby boys are the receivers of Islamic jewellery articles such as cufflinks, rings, tie pins and bracelets to celebrate their arrivals.

In certain countries, the birth of a baby boy also means that the mother of the new bundle of joy receives gold Islamic jewellery items as a celebratory and congratulatory gift. Even though the religion Islam welcomes the birth of a daughter and a son alike, the male dominant societies of the east express more joy upon the arrival of a boy, which is the primary reason that the mother is also bestowed with gifts upon his birth.

It is important to select jewellery articles with Islamic significance for the gift giving purposes, as these items stay with the child throughout his or her life. Most necklaces and bangles are engraved with the names of Allah and Prophet Muhammad so that their blessings remain with the child at all times. In addition, many Ayah and messages for protection, safety and prosperity from the Quran are also engraved or crafted into the jewellery items used as gifts for the baby. This is significantly important for Muslims as it is their faith that Allah is always there to protect and bless them in each and every single moment of their lives.

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