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Top 6 Vintage Stores In Sweden

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Stockholm's Best Thrift Stores

Sweden is not only a beautiful and scenic country, but it also has excellent shopping spots.

Here are a few examples of large and irresistible second hand and vintage stores.

  1. Beyond Retro

Beyond Retro is a well-known brand in the vintage clothing industry, with stores in England, Brighton, and Stockholm, as well as multiple stores in Stockholm.

They first expanded their operations in Scandinavia in 2005, so they have a great amount of knowledge of the local clothing and accessories scene, and their amount of inventory simply cannot be surpassed.

They maintain their collection broad and don’t specialise in any historical period, choosing to provide plenty to choose from.

Beyond Retro in Gothenburg is brimming with one-of-a-kind vintage items hand-picked from the United States and Canada between the beginning of the century and the 1990s.

The store is restocked daily, and there is something for everyone’s taste in fashion.

You can also check out Åhléns for equally good clothes as Beyond retro or OmdömesStälle for insight on other Swedish companies.

  1. Myrona

Myrona is a Swedish establishment with 2nd hand stores located across the country, from Malmö to Lulea.

Myrorna donates to charitable organisations both in Sweden and overseas.

They have a fantastic selection of clothing, home goods, and household equipment.

It’s a great place to get a good deal, and each Myrorna does have a vibrant and welcoming environment.

In Stockholm, there are four shops, with the Fridhemsplan and Adolf Fredriks Kyrkogata being the biggest and best and most well-stocked.

The Salvation Army originally established this store as Sweden’s largest second-hand retail shop, which has two locations in Gothenburg.

  1. Pop

Don’t have time to delve through the piles of clothes in bigger second-hand stores in the quest for the perfect coat or pair of sunglasses?

Then go to Pop Boutique, at which everything has been taken care of for you!

Pop is a popular hangout for many Stockholmers, and it exudes a vintage vibe throughout, from the branding to the store’s decor.

Walking into Pop is like stepping back in time.

Their collection starts in the 1950s and ends with certain pieces from the 1990s, so they don’t stick to a small period.

On Thursdays, the shop extends its hours till 9 p.m., allowing you to score some late-night deals.

Every once in a while invite DJs to come out and play as well.

Pop music tends to make this a pleasant shopping destination for everybody, including mates who have only come to give you recommendations.

  1. Herr Judit.

The shop has an elegant muscular look with rustic wooden charisma.

Ideal for fashion-conscious men looking for high-quality personal clothing.

This retail outlet does everything a trendy guy could want, from informal and hipster to corporate and even traditional western.

All of the garments are donated by customers, and Herr Judit purchases high-quality, fashionable clothing on commission.

Follow the street a few hundred metres in the path of Slussen to discover some more jewellery such as watches and accessories, as well as the appropriate house-decoration.

  1. Humana.

For young consumers, this is a hip and contemporary store. Humana accumulates clothing from all around the country.

They support various projects, particularly in Africa, by buying and selling them.

Shopping for clothes for a good cause is unquestionably more enjoyable.

The shop has an industrial feel to it, but it is ideal for all of your trendy customers.

Humana has four stores in Sweden, two of which are in Stockholm, and they take pride in delivering a laid back and friendly atmosphere.

Their Instagram feed provides a great look at their inventory.

On their Spotify page, they have several music tracks compiled by DJs who together work on in-store music.

They would even rent you clothes if you give them 48 hours notice.

  1. Modern Retro Vintage.

When you enter the nicely designed shop Modern Retro Vintage, it’s as if you’ve stepped back through time, and only the best quality products encircle you.

The store is packed with an interesting collection of garments for both men and women ranging from the 1920s to the 1990s.

Plenty of them seem to be unworn deadstock vintage garments from old stocks.

It has one of Stockholm’s best sets of antique leather.

The holder has been in the antique biz since the 1980s, so this shop knows exactly what classic fans desire.


Scandinavian style is known all over the world for its ease, functionalism, and, most importantly, gracefulness, as evidenced by the stores mentioned above.

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