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MaryHardingJewelry Bead Blog: Experiments

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MaryHardingJewelry Bead Blog: Experiments

                                          Ceramic pendants by Mary Harding

Now that winter season has actually established in–we are in the center of  a snow storm as I variety– and the vacations are largely over, I obtain that I have time in my studio for striving out new things and concepts.  I have been playing all-around with oxides and have manufactured various experiments to see what will transpire.
My picture earlier mentioned is in advance of I fired them.

Here is what I did, setting up at the top rated–going from left to ideal
1. Brown daisies stained with iron oxide
2. Round cabochon stained with  cobalt and coverd with crystal clear glaze ( still left side of plate)
3. Daisy cabochon stained with iron oxide and then evenly colored with a purple glaze on the petals and a blue glaze on the heart and lightly obvious glazed
4. 2  hole pendant stained with iron oxide and frivolously colored with quite a few glazes and then a light obvious glaze added
5.adhere pendant stained and then partialy painted with a purple glaze and a gentle coat of clear
6. snail formed pendant lightly coloured and distinct glazed–incredibly rustic and fosil like beforehand
7. tiny stained tab piece–from a damaged pendant
8.  fan of daisy petals stained and then evenly glazed with purple and a apparent glaze–no coloration on daisy head
9.Donut with lightly colour glazed tiny leaves and some other regions.  No clear glaze.
Most of the parts ended up fired initial with just the iron oxide glaze–immediately after they had been bisqued so when I fire these items it will be for the 3rd time.

I will put up the results tomorrow.
Thanks for halting by!!

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